Suzanne Al Houby
First Arab woman to summit Everest on  May 21, 2011 
In spite of her hectic schedule in the corporate world, Suzanne used any opportunity to explore the world looking for adventure, many times the adventure meant climbing a new mountain.

Mountains or not, feeling fulfilled and appreciating all the rewards that these adventure travels made her feel, Suzanne decided to leave behind the executive corporate life and started the business of leading people to live their dream adventures.

Her favorite quote is “it is easy to be inspired, but it is not so easy to act”

“I learned that each one of us needs to find that balance, the right formula that makes you feel at the end of each day that you have lived some really worthy moments: that you are happy and will have a treasure of memories that will put a smile on your face any time. What is more thrilling than seeing the colorful and diversified world we live in!”

She visited more than 100 destinations worldwide, from exploring the remoteness of Antarctica to the hustle and bustle of Morocco to the great civilization of China, Suzanne developed a sense of what to look for in an adventure and decided to put this in Rahhalah.

Suzanne Al Houby is a passionate mountaineer and is the first Arab Woman to climb and summit Mont Blanc, Elbrus, Aconcagua, Vinson ( the highest mountains in Western Europe, Europe, South America, &Antarctica respectively), in addition to Kilimanjaro , highest mountain in Africa, and Toubkal the highest mountain in North Africa to name some of her climbs. Her dream of climbing Mighty Mount Everest became a reality and on her first attempt she reached the summit on May 21st, 2011 , becoming the first Arab woman to do so.

Suzanne works closely with many charities. Local and international, and feels strongly about paying back. She is behind the 1% back on all Sales of Rahhalah. She is also behind the commitment to operate as strictly as possible in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.

Founder and the CEO



The Godfather of Arab Mountaineers

Zed Alrefai, an entrepreneur, a business man with experience ranging from coffee selling, real estate management to even Dates packaging, an adventurer, a tri-athlete, a writer, a humanitarian, an environmentalist and most importantly a Mountaineer.

After almost a near death experience on Everest on 2001, Zed returned on 2003 and made history by becoming the FIRST Arab to climb Everest. This wasn’t enough for Zed and he continued climbing with passion until he became the first Arab to climb the seven summits (highest mountain on each of the seven continents).
With so many more first Arab ascents in his glorious mountaineering journey, Zed has become the leading figure and a role model for climbing & adventure in the Arab World. His journey inspired so many to follow his footsteps and he continues to work relentlessly on promoting climbing, adventure and Extreme Sports in the Middle East. Just when you think that he is slowing down, he surprises you with unbelievable feats like joining the First Gulf Extreme team to participate and complete the Marathon Des Sables!
He is the founder of AMAC (Arabian Mountaineering and Alpine Climbing Club). As a result of his extensive climbing and humanitarian work in Pakistan, he became an honorary member of Pakistan Alpine Club. He has even been nominated to carry the Olympic Torch in the Beijing Olympics in 2008.
In his book Summit Glory, he shares a very vivid and true account of his climbing journey; his story now is taught in Kuwait’s Ministry of Education English curriculums in Elementary schools.
Zed has personally motivated, supported and lead many Middle Eastern athletes and adventurers in many expeditions in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

His favorite say is: ” Push yourself beyond what you believed your limit is”

Partner, climbing and adventure consultant