Big Mountains

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Climbing, a not so popular sport in the Middle East, is now growing steadily. Thanks to the daring and bold Zed Al Refai , the leader and pioneer of Arab climbing and Alpinism, who introduced this courageous non traditional sport to our region. Zed is the first Arab to climb Everest and finish the 7 summits ( highest mountain in every continent ) making him the 46th person worldwide to do so. His Triumph on Everest and other 8,000 meter peaks inspired and opened the door to many Arab Mountaineers to follow his footsteps in scaling new highs.Joining hands with Suzanne, first Arab Woman to climb Everest, Rahhalah is now offering and for the first time in the Middle East, the 7 summits program to all aspiring mountaineers who want to embark on this remarkable journey. This program doesn’t begin or end at just the logistical aspect of the climb. We want you to succeed. We will guide you all through the process and provide support from the initial stage of planning your climbs, advising on your training, on your physical and mental preparedness, your gear and all logistical requirements for the climbs. We also offer climbing courses to prepare you for your climbs as well in the UAE, India, Europe and the States.

Who more can you trust for planning your climbing adventures!

Everest: Asia - 8,848m

Aconcagua: South America - 6,962m

Denali: North America - 6,194m

Kilimanjaro: Africa - 5,892m

Elbrus: Europe - 5,642

Vinson Massif: Antarctica - 4,892m

Carstensz Pyramid: Australia - 4,884m