Published on Tuesday 24th, Dec 2019

The year's end is approaching fast, and, amidst all the preparations – the cookies, the family gatherings, the traveling arrangements, the gift wrapping, and the singing – many thoughts flood in. They are memories of the experiences that unfolded over the past months: the challenges that were undertaken, the victories that were won, the plans that were laid but did not work out, the blessings that changed us forever. As we shimmer in this reminiscing mood, and before we start setting our New-Year resolutions, gratitude emerges, strong, unmistakable, and solid. In this grand adventure that we live, we want to thank from the bottom of our heart all of you – our hero-adventurers – who make our efforts meaningful and turn our dreams into a reality. You know who you are! It is you who:


Climbed with us this year your first mountain.


Camped in the wilderness for the first time.


Entrusted us with one of your most valuable possessions – your time – and joined your first Rahhalah adventure.


Became a member of our tribe and traveled with us more than once.


Rafted down a river for the first time.


Stayed in awe in front of a landscape of overwhelming beauty.


Shared your stories around a table or a campfire.


Explored with us new itineraries.


Hunted after the Northern Lights, fed the hyenas, swam with the sharks and, in general, ticked off your bucket list some rare and exclusive activity.


Followed our Insta stories and read our newsletters.


Offered us your smiles, your trust, your passion, and your friendship.


Thank you all!


Happy New Year, and stay adventurous!


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