Our Story

It all began back in 2011 when Suzanne Al Houby decided to set up the first professional adventure travel company in the Middle East. No surprise here as this came out from her own passion to live a life of adventure and being a rahhalah herself.

Our name is rooted back in history when Arabs ruled one of the largest stretches of land in the old world. They traveled to explore new worlds and never settled. Traveling became a way of life to many. It involved courage, curiosity & a yearning to learn. As decades passed, those who crossed all these borders were known as rahhalahs, a term that translates to English as those who are always on the move to explore.

from that day we have traveled to more than 100 countries around the world, crossed deserts, climbed mountains, explored caves, swam in rivers and camped under the stars. Our passion for adventure slowly became contagious and more and more people are joining us every day. We found ourselves part of an amazing journey of transformation to discover the beauty of this world. What a story it has been .....we always travel as friends and return as family.


On the Move to Explore.


Our Vision is to simply inspire, discover the world and build a great adventurous traveling Community while respecting the cultures we visit and protecting the environment.