Suzanne Al Houby

Founder & CEO

Adventure Expert

Mountaineering Expert

Suzanne Al Houby

Suzanne Al Houby is best known for becoming the first Arab Woman to climb Mt. Everest & the seven summits. Initiatives she pursued that can be described as daring and innovative had one thing in common: She was told that she couldn’t do it. She did and that is what Suzanne Al Houby is all about. Her favorite quote is “it is easy to be inspired, but it is not so easy to act.” Besides holding many records on the mountains, Suzanne also helped many to break new records. When Suzanne isn’t busy globetrotting or climbing mountains, she is actively involved in both local and international charities, inspiring youth and future adventures, and training for her next adventure.
She visited more than 100 destinations worldwide, carried a backpack half her weight, and camped in extreme conditions. Therefore, she developed a sense of what to look for in an adventure and decided to put this in Rahhalah Explorers, her dream project: an adventure travel company. It is all about integrity according to Suzanne, “It is never about greed, fame or even the summit, it is about doing the right thing in a world that has a significant number of people losing sight of what is important.” In her business, she runs the only company that has a payback promise in the region.
  • Ranked as number 16 in the 100 most powerful Arab women 2012
  • Ranked as number 198 in the 500 most powerful Arabs 2012
  • Winner of GR8 women awards 2013 – sports and achievements
  • Ranked as number 63 in Forbes Middle East most powerful Arab Women 2014 list
  • Winner of Global Adventure Icon in Asia Adventure summit 2018