Published on Tuesday 20th, Nov 2018

By the end of October, time seems to have slowed down – maybe because the nights have already gotten longer. The prelude of an ending wafts in the air; it can be felt even when the sun still shines brightly. A cycle is about to be completed – a closure of some short – but, like a sunset, this finale lands in a blaze of glory. There is an unexpected elegance that comes with age: a charm that is devoid of youth’s freshness, and, yet, it is overwhelmingly solid and eternal. And, as I am about to welcome the quietness of the approaching darkness, I remain stunned in front of the effort that Nature has put to utilize every available resource towards a powerful crescendo.

Back to my urban reality after some extended wandering in the Greek countryside over the past month, I wait for the impressions of the colours to settle down. To my surprise, this takes time. The memories are still vivid, and words remain elusive: the landscapes are too powerful, compelling me to silence. Finally, I understand: I am not supposed to say anything.

Let us just stroll together through the gilded paths of my country, and, for once, let us not exchange thoughts. The sensations that emanate from this autumnal symphony are powerful enough to reach the deepest pleats of the soul, uniting us all in the realm of our shared dreams.

Greece, autumn, yellow, fallen leaves
There are times, the fallen leaves shine like jewellery bestowed on the ground…
Greece, autumn, fallen leaves, path, hiking
… and others, they are just a susurration under our steps.
Greece, autumn, yellow, brown, earthly colors
The paths unfold in earthly hues…
Greece, autumn, yellow colors, paths, leaves
…sprinkled with yellows…
Greece, autumn, path, road, yellow colors
… and occasionally, with sunshine.
Greece, autumn, forest, magical, enchanted
The forests seem to belong to enchanted kingdoms…

Greece, autumn, colors, mushrooms

Greece, autumn, trunk, mushrooms
…treasures can be found in every nook…
Greece, autumn, earthly colors, leaves, mushrooms
…and astonishing shapes and designs sprout from everywhere.
Greece, autumn, yellow, colors
The rivers gradually swell…
Greece, autumn, lake, yellow, colors
…and the lakes glitter with golden reflections.
Greece, autumn, pastoral, bucolic, sheep, shepherd, flock
Pastoral life resumes in peace after the hassle of the summer touristic period…
Greece, autumn, bucolic life, horse
…and there is a sense of harmony…
Greece, autumn, colors, leaves, flowers, cyclamen
…found, even tucked, in the most unexpected places.
Greece, basket, abundance, yellow, autumn, colors, mushrooms
The land gives abundantly…
Greece, autumn, brown, earthly, abundance, chestnut
…and more…
Greece, autumn, orange, red, colors, persimon
…and more.
Greece, autumn, Lake, forest
Ultimately, there is nothing but colours, light, and…
Greece, autumn, colors, cyclamen
… love.

Photo credits: © Konstantina Sakellariou

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