A glance on Bhutan's countryside through 15 pastoral pictures

Published on Tuesday 24th, Sep 2019

Despite its increasing popularity, Bhutan is still a country of unspoiled natural beauty, the elegance of which is carefully guarded by protective dragons, gods, and humans alike. Here are fifteen photos to kindle your passion for visiting this unique state, where domestic happiness is recognized as an integral part of the nation’s economy and lifestyle. Smokey mountains, blooming rhododendrons, snaking paths, enchanted lakes, fluttering prayer flags, areas of worship, and Arcadian landscapes are some of the treasures you will encounter.

Modest religious site a few kilometers above Thimphu.


A camping spot along the Druk Path trail.


Blooming rhododendron against misty peaks.


Mystical paths full of pixies and fairies.


Best breakfast-spot ever!


Blooming land, green forest, and a cow.


Swinging bridge and monastic settlements on the road between Thimphu and Paro.


Enchanted lake surrounded by mountains.


Our partners on the hiking trail.


There are always a few turning wheels for a prayer on the way.


You really feel very small amidst such grandeur.


The “cobblestone” paths of nature.


Friends on the way.


Prayer flags taking the wishes of the humans to the gods.


Thank you, Bhutan!


Pictures credit: Konstantina Sakellariou

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