• Adam Town and the Beauty of its Deserted Neighbourhoods

    Panorama of Adam’s old neighbourhoods from the roof of one of the houses
    It was already mid-day when we reached Adam town in Oman. We had been driving for hours on the cardinal highway that connects Muscat with Salalah, and, coming from the direction of the south, we had been drained by the dull, barren landscape […]

  • On the Floating Islands

    On La Isla Summa Willjta
    I met “El Presidente” – that’s how he introduced himself to us – on La Isla Summa Willjta, one of the floating islands on Lake Titicaca. He was a dark-skinned, middle-aged man, dressed in shabby pants and a plain blouse; his face remained hidden under the shade of a soft hat, […]

  • What is lurking in the shadows?

    Everything is exotic in the Amazon rainforest: the hues of the jungle, the taste of the air, the muddiness of the river, the vibration of the sounds, even the constellations carved in the sky. The elusive presence of primitive tribes cosying with the spirits that reside in each star, plant, or animal frames an alien […]

  • A scrapbook full of sunsets

    No matter how many sunsets I have seen, I always scramble on a rock, peak, or headland to admire the next one. I pause in awe. I sigh. I quiver with a sudden rush of inexplicable emotions, longing for the tenderness of human touch, or simply remaining in idle contemplation.

    A knot of feelings – affection […]

  • Storytelling Around the Campfire

    The night bestowed its opaque veils on the mountains and, little by little, our camp disappeared into the dusk. Only a headlamp flashing here and there would indicate an occasional movement. We would gather around the fire waiting for the dinner to cook, relaxing on the rugs with a cup of tea, our feet finally […]

  • 15 Underrated UNESCO Heritage Sites

    Since its inception, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has identified and preserved dozens of culturally significant sites around the world. From historical buildings to natural marvels, each heritage site is spectacular in its own right.

    Many UNESCO sites are staples for world travelers, like the Taj Mahal in India or Yosemite National […]

  • A Road Trip through my Favorite Tuscan Villages

    The landscapes of Tuscany might be familiar to many; however, it is only by roaming through the villages and walking on the seductive curves of the vineyard-covered hills that a visitor can grasp some of the serenity and healing calmness this region emanates. Life here is patient, mystic, and vivid, just like the wine that joyfully hums […]

  • Five Important Roman Cities Outside Italy

    The Roman architecture – one of the most important legacies of the Roman Era – evolved echoing the character of its creators and their need for organised structures, practical solutions, and flamboyant celebrations of the Empire’s grandeur. Influenced by the Egyptian and Greek architecture, the Romans adopted the elements that best reflected the requirements of […]

  • Exploring the Forgotten Trails of the Ottoman Era in Athens

    The Upper Bazaar of Athens by Edward Dodwell (photo credits unknown)
    The sacred Rock of Acropolis, crowned with the eternal jewel – the Parthenon – radiates an energy so formidable that dwarfs any other historical remnant in the old neighbourhoods of Athens. The compelling impact of the Classical era often leaves little room for the subtle […]

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