Message from Suzanne Al Houby, Founder and CEO of Rahhalah Explorers

Published on Tuesday 30th, Jun 2020

Keep dreaming, start planning

Dear Rahhalahs,

My dear friends,

Over the past few months, I have often reached out to you – our Rahhalah’s extended family – sharing insights regarding your traveling plans, along with reassurance, thoughts, and, above all, my love. This 4-month-long pause, coupled with an unfamiliar limitation in our local and international mobility, has been frustrating, sometimes overwhelming. But it is finally over. With airports opening, and countries easing most restrictions, the world gets ready to welcome us, as we are preparing, to venture once more into its wilderness and explore its beauties.

Naturally, Rahhalah is ready to fulfill your summer dreams with a series of exciting adventures starting from Eid Al Adha (end of July 2020) onwards. However, my priority here is not merely to present a summer agenda but, primarily, share the basis of such a selection, as well as the additional measures we are taking to safeguard your well-being.

As you already know, during our 9-year-long presence in the market and the nature of our trips, we often had to manage challenging situations and unexpected circumstances on mountains, canyons, or hiking trails. Our motto “safety first” is not just a catchy phrase, but an axiom with which we have been serving you all along. Ultimately, this new era as nothing new to us – just another adventure – and, as such, we are confident that our itineraries will continue to offer the trademark “Rahhalah experience”, while securing, to the best of our abilities, your safety.

Suggested destinations

Having assessed carefully the international market, as well as the safety measures and health standards in all 80 destinations in which we operate, we decided to focus initially on the following itineraries that guarantee an exceptional traveling experience with much-needed peace of mind:

  • Tanzania: Kilimanjaro climb (date: 21st of August).
  • Turkey: Ararat climb (date: 21st of August).
  • Tanzania: Safari (date: 28th of August).
  • Zanzibar (4th of September).
  • Montenegro (for families and/or group of friends).
  • Greece (for families and/or group of friends).

The above destinations are either considered low-risk by international health standards or are so remote on the mountains that they can only offer an adventurous repose. We will keep updating the list, adding more countries as more information will become available regarding our traveling options.

Summary of Rahhalah’s additional safety measures

Given the circumstances, we decided to implement some extra measures, on top of those already enforced in each country, to minimize any risk related to the latest pandemic. Indicatively:

  • To the extent that it is possible, we have eliminated from all itineraries any long presence in large cities and crowded areas. We choose to focus almost exclusively on nature, surrounded by peace and inspiration.
  • Wherever possible, we will offer single rooms/tents to those of you who would prefer not to share accommodation under the current circumstances.
  • Most of our trips will be led/accompanied by a Rahhalah partner to further guarantee adherence to the necessary protocols.
  • This summer is perhaps the best period to travel as a family or a group of friends. Not only we have missed hanging out with the people we love, but we may feel more comfortable sharing space with them instead of strangers. Let us know your dreams and priorities and leave the rest to us: we will adjust the itinerary accordingly while maintaining those components that make our trips authentic and unique.
  • We will keep our groups small, with a maximum of six people per trip.


Flexibility in payment terms

Despite the accelerated speed with which all countries announce the necessary protocols to welcome visitors, not everything is ready yet. However, do not let this delay you from proceeding with your traveling plans. With our new “Adventure with Confidence Policy”, we invite you to book the itinerary of your preference and pay only when there is enough clarity to guarantee that the trip will run, even if this is on the last minute before your departure.

Stay tuned as we will keep posting details on our site and social media accounts. Reach out with your thoughts and requirements: we will be happy to talk with you in person or over the phone, answering any questions you might have.

We kept dreaming for far too long. Now, it is time to start planning!

I look forward to sharing our next adventures with you,


With love,

Suzanne Al Houby

Rahhalah's New
"Adventure with Confidence" Policy

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