Message from Suzanne al Houby, Rahhalah's CEO and Founding Partner

Dear co-travelers,
Dear friends,

Life always knows how to surprise us, serving us with challenges which may make us feel uncomfortable, but, in the long run, are destined to help us grow, evolve and become more resilient. The past few weeks have been a bumpy ride: COVID-19 has planted the seed of uncertainty on all fronts even for the most adventurous of us. Confined in our homes by a series of strict precautionary measures and travel bans, we may feel frustrated, impatient, perhaps even a bit scared. Still, these days are a gift in disguise, as they allow us to regroup and prepare for what lies ahead. We are all becoming an integral part of a global transformation and, as we observe with excitement and some pride the massive collaborations and innovations that unfold, we find solace and hope.

Within this challenge, Rahhalah – your trusted adventure travel partner for the past nine years – does not remain idle. We are stepping up with calmness, responsibility, and a list of new and revised policies that aim at protecting your health, interests, and the quality of your future traveling experiences. In doing so, we maintain transparent communication with our staff, partners and customers alike.

We are as committed and passionate as ever to create memorable experiences for you, but, rest assured, we will not jeopardize our name in the market nor your safety and trust by taking unnecessary risks. Therefore, we have suspended our trips until it is safe for all of us to embark on new, traveling adventures. We will be ready for you when you feel ready to venture into the world again.

People's reaction to the virus, especially as far as traveling is concerned, has not been homogeneous. Some perceive the situation as an unfortunate inconvenience, others as a major concern. Each one of us has his or her comfort zone, and no rule can apply equally to all.

The recent, temporary measures and bans are meant to help the health systems of every country cope in the best possible way with the increasing number of cases; by no means, have they been designed to cause fear and insecurity.

Let us all be cautious but not paranoid, observant but not irrational. Right now, each one of us is called to responsibly follow the recommended guidelines, joining the rest of the world in a united movement of resilience, maturity, and collaboration.

In the meantime, we can all dream and even plan our upcoming traveling adventures, especially with Rahhalah's Life Deposit: our team's commitment to turn any payment for trips cancelled due to this outbreak into a life-long credit that you can use for any of our future journeys.
We are here for you, so dream freely and plan safely: Rahhalah has you covered when you feel ready to travel again.

Finally, although, for a few weeks, we will not be traveling together, let us keep the communication lines open. Follow our social media posts and our newsletters, where we will continue offering inspiration and a lot of hope, and do not hesitate to contact us directly for any questions you may have. Our team is available for you anytime.

Stay healthy, stay safe, and keep on dreaming!

Suzanne Al Houby

First Arab woman to summit Mt. Everest and the 7 summits
Founder & CEO of Rahhalah Explorers