Nepal:Rebuild the Path to Recovery

Published on Thursday 28th, May 2015


The people of Nepal have given us a lot; love, kindness, support and open hearts to their country's beautiful culture and mountains. In  doing so,they gave us memories to last for a lifetime. Now is our turn to give back and show them the love and kindness they have shown us all these years. Together, we can positively impact the villages of Nepal and help the path to recovery. We are supporting the dZi foundation to continue to help Nepal's most remote communities recover and rebuild from the devastating earthquakes and aftermaths of this natural disaster.
There is much to be done in Kathmandu and surrounding villages as many of their  schools and homes have fallen down. People are finding ways  to make shelter but this will be a major issue in the coming months.
The dZi  foundation seeks to provide immediate assistance to 30 of the most remote schools in Khotang and Solukhumbu districts and to allow more than 59,0000 students to go back to school as soon as possible.
Now is the time to focus on rebuilding the path to recovery-rebuilding shelters, infrastructure, proving necessary food andsupplies helping to prepare them for the monsoon storms, With our funding, we are providing much needed work for the local people as well, creating a initial micro economy, adding much needed cash directly to the population.
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Also we are glad to inform you that that the paths to EBC and other treks are open and it means a lot to the people of Nepal that you still go ahead with your plans and visit their country also to support their economy!



We thank you for contributing to rebuild the path to recovery.
Rahhalah team