New Year Inspirations: A Journey in Photos

Published on Wednesday 2nd, Jan 2019


Here we are again: an end and a beginning. A cycle closes (some of those cycles we call them “years” and we give them numbers) and a new one commences, as a constant reminder that there is eternal hope because any moment can turn into a unique inaugural point.

On this first day of the first month of a Gregorian calendar year – when magic is almost tangible because of the massive levels of eager anticipation, excitement, and faith in the future; when celebrations across the globe, modest or flamboyant, are based on laughter, love, and abundance; when the dawn of a new day is celebrated with the joy we should reserve for every other morning – on this first day, I don’t set goals. I don’t focus on resolutions. I only look for inspiration in the faces of the children, for, there, I find my guidelines for this and any year ahead.

So, I vow to myself to:

Be Wild

tribes, middle east, desert, road trip, Gulf,
Bedouin Girls in Oman

Be Playful

village, village life, Sapa, ethnic groups, joy, playfulness
Kids playing in a village in North Vietnam

Listen to Fairy Tales

uae, middle east, fairy tales, stories, listening, happiness
Storyteller during the Qasr Al Hosn Festival in Abu Dhabi

Constantly Smile

Sapa, happiness, mountains, trekking, hiking, village life
Smiles over a piece of candy in a village of the Red Dao people in North Vietnam

Be crazy

trick-or-treat, games, uae, middle east, life in the uae, life in the middle east, Springs
Halloween in Dubai

Set my Gaze on the Sun, the Sea, and the Horizon

Jimbaran, sunset, sunrise, new beginnings
By the beach, in Bali

Wear my Authentic Colors

lake titicaca, train, tribes, traditional clothes, incas
Peruvian girl with alpacas

Be Warm-Hearted

Village, village life, himalayas,
At a school, in Makadum, Nepal


family, father, parents, sleepy, China, cultural explorations, hiking, trekking, adventures
At the end of the day, in the zoo of Beijing

Be Curious and Adventurous – always “on the move to explore”

Uros, tribes, Peru, Bolivia, trekking, inca, adventure
Kids playing on the floating islands of Lake Titicaca

Happy New Year to all! May we constantly see life through the eyes of a child!

New year, festive season, 2016, 2017, christmas tree, homecoming
Christmas decorations at home

Photos: © Konstantina Sakellariou


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