Adam Town and the Beauty of its Deserted Neighbourhoods

Published on Friday 29th, Jun 2018
Beirut, Lebanon, architecture, building, inheritance

When in Beirut, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the horrendous traffic, the non-stop car horns, the chaotic flow of vehicles and people alike, the disorderly erected buildings, or the lack of any decent pavements. As such, the visitor risks missing the elegant old mansions which, though mostly dilapidated, still represent a mysterious, latent expression of the city’s hidden spirit.

Elongated Ottoman-style arches; broken windows; decorated facades; elaborately designed iron gates; semi-rotundas; unexpected signs of life; a few samples of art-deco: they all stand tall, surrounded by either modern houses – often of questionable aesthetics – or, even worse, by the heavily war-battered buildings whose gaping holes keep reminding of the recent conflicts and the relentless bloodshed.

The below photo-journey through the Al Hamra and Clemenceau districts of West Beirut is a tribute to the elegance and the secluded soul of the city which, hopefully, will not be eradicated but, instead, will be reserved as part of the Beirutis’ identity and inheritance.

beirut, Lebanon, Architecture, inheritanceSemi-cyclical balconies and columns are typical in several old buildings

Beirut, Lebanon, architecture, old buildings, rotunda, balcony

Beirut, Lebanon, architecture, inheritance
An indicative example of old tile floors in a renovated house-restaurant

Beirut, Lebanon, architecture, inheritance, old house, mansion, building, ottoman, AUB

Beirut, Lebanon, architecture, inheritance, balcony, old house, mansion, ottoman
Awesome decorated facade
Beirut, Lebanon, architecture, inheritance
A renovated art-deco building, windows with old-style curtains
Beirut, Lebanon, architecture, windows, ottoman, inheritance
Deserted life

Beirut, Lebanon, Architecture, inheritance, old building, mansion

Beirut, Lebanon, mansion, architecture, old buildings, inheritance

Beirut, gates, Lebanon, architecture, iron, inheritance, old buildings, mansion
Behind closed doors

Beirut, Lebanon, architecture, old houses, buildings, mansion, inheritance

Beirut, Lebanon, architecture, inheritance, mansion
Renovated buildings in Clemenceau district – the war-ruined Holiday Inn Hotel at the background

Beirut, Lebanon, architecture, building, mansion, renovated, windows, inheritance

Beirut, Lebanon, old building, house, mansion, architecture, inheritance

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Photo credits: © Konstantina Sakellariou

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