Rahhalah attends Adventure Travel World Summit in Namibia

Published on Tuesday 1st, Oct 2013
Rahhalah   attends the adventure travel world summit held this year  in Namibia.
We share our views with like minded businesses who are passionately trying to offer people around the world unique adventure travel experiences, not only off the beaten track but  also in the utmost responsible manner possible. We support destinations that have a clear environmental , cultural and wildlife conservancies commitment and we take it to heart that we contribute in creating a responsible adventurer in you all.
We met with the Namibian minister of environment and tourism and heard about a great and impressive conservancy achievements in this young nation that resulted in Namibia having the largest black rhino population in the world,  an endangered species. We met with chief Ian of the squamish whose message of living together accepting indigenous people and preserving the endangered culture is not only a duty but a source of pride.
Our payback promise model was discussed and appreciated as an example of a responsible company.
We also looked at new destinations for you. Destinations that may be hard to reach, but the remoteness, beauty, uniqueness and little explored cultures make them worth the effort. Choosing our partners takes no compromise for reasons of cost, as only values and ethics resulting in exceptional travelers experience while leaving positive impact on the places we visit is what matters &  remains the main driver for us. Yes travel is our business and adventure is our passion  but you are the ones who give us joy seeing you go through your inner and outer adventure with us.
IMG_1046 (1).JPGIMG_1054.JPGwith chief Ian of the Squamish.jpg