Rahhalah Brand Ambassador: Raba’a H. Al Hajeri

Published on Saturday 20th, Aug 2016
Raba’a H. Al Hajeri
Raba’a H. Al Hajeri is Head of communication at LOYAC youth empowerment organization and a Managing Partner at Eighty Percent a socially driven sports management firm. She is also one of our newly appointed Rahhalah Brand Ambassadors and will be leading our all- girl Altai Trekking team in Mongolia on the 23rd of August 2016.

With previous Rahhalah adventure trips under her belt, such as Mount Kilimanjaro in 2013, Mount Elbrus  in 2014 and Everest Base Camp Trek in 2015; you can see why Raba’a makes a great addition to the Rahhalah team! She chose these adventures simply because she wanted to summit the highest points on earth, she had a dream and accomplished it, and we are super excited to have her lead our upcoming Altai trek Mongolia this month.

Raba'a was kind enough to share her thoughts on her past adventures, we hope her answers inspire you too!

Do you have a favorite memory from your trip?
On the climb to the top of mount Elbrus, we were hit by high speed winds reaching up to 70 km/hr on one of our acclimatizing hikes, I remember the exhilaration that hit me, and adrenaline rush like no other, I wanted to remain in my spot just stand still and feel the wind and ice sharp against my cheeks. Our guides voice urging us to descend back to camp took me out of my mountain haze. It's then and there I was convinced that this is where I am meant to be, on top of mountains.

Were there any obstacles you had to deal with on your trip? If so, how did you overcome them?
Mine is mostly mental I always have to remind myself “mind over matter”, with positive thoughts and focusing on my immediate needs ensuring I have my nutrition under control and energy levels high at all times.

Did you learn anything about yourself from this trip or did it have any kind of personal impact on you?
My first mountaineering experience back in 2010 changed my life, I know it sounds a bit of a cliché but it truly did, I hadn’t expected it to leave such an impact but it has, this trip in particular had me falling in love even more with mountains and all the unexpected surprises they hold within them.

Would you recommend this trip/ destination to other people and why?
It’s a beautiful experience that you must go on, it’ll widen your horizon, change your perspective on many things you really get to test yourself and your limits. I recommend this trip for all those looking for a challenge!

Do you have any advice for future travelers going to this destination/ trip?
Pack light, always get the bare minimum essentials. Pay attention to the guides and ensure you have all your proper gear on all summiting attempts.

You can follow Raba's adventures on her Instagram at @wabby_4

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