7 Summits

The 7 Summits – the highest mountains in each of the traditional continents – are Kilimanjaro (Africa), Everest (Asia), Elbrus (Europe), Denali (N. America), Aconcagua (L. America), Vinson (Antarctica) and Kosciuszko (Australia). An extended version includes Mont Blanc (in Europe) and Puncak Jaya (N. Guinea, i.e. broader Australian continent).

Rahhalah, as a company, spawned from our love for the mountains and our unmatched mountaineering experience. After all, our two main partners are the first Arab woman and the first Arab man to have reached the Seven Summits. We have organized over 140 mountain expeditions worldwide, out of which 81 on the Seven Summits, so trust in us, the Mountain Experts of the Middle East, to take you safely to the highest point on each continent!