Festivals & Culture

Celebrate life, Eat, explore, dance and adventure…
Fill your life with happiness, dance your way through festivals and explore different cultures and civilizations. It can be living with a Masai tribe in Africa or the Tsaatan tribe in Mongolia or attending the Rio Carnaval in Brazil.
Certainly, there is more than just an adventure in life there is an experience of a lifetime.

Mongolia - A signature adventure with Suzanne Al Houby

Date of departure: August 23, 2018

Duration: 13 days

Price: $5,600 USDEXPLORE

Greece - Delving in the Essence of Autumn (ladies only)

Date of departure: October 26, 2018

Duration: 6 days

Price: € 1,050 EUREXPLORE

Ethiopia - A Signature Trip led by Suzanne Al Houby

Date of departure: November 9, 2018

Duration: 13 days

Price: $4,600 USD / 1395 KWD

Early Bird offer Valid until October 20, 2018

Egypt - The Byzantine Trail in Sinai

Date of departure: November 30, 2018

Duration: 9 days

Full: $875 USD / 265 KWD

Price: $775 USD / 235 KWD


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