Summits & Mountains

The rugged beauty of the mountains and the intoxicating air of the summits have always cast an enchanting spell on people. For centuries, adventurers have invested time and energy to comprehend the mountainous wilderness, risking significant resources, even their lives.

The recent popularization of hiking and mountaineering, attained thanks to the global economic development and technological advancements, has increased the traffic on the mountain trails but has not demystified the process. The fast pace of our era, though, often leads to arrogance, and it is not uncommon to encounter travelers who view a summit as merely something that should be tamed and conquered, instead of approaching it with the humility and reverence it deserves.

Rahhalah, as a company, spawned from our love for the mountains and our unmatched mountaineering experience. The two main partners are the first Arab woman and Arab man to have reached the Seven Summits, while the whole team has participated in or led numerous trekking expeditions around the world. Our knowledge and background, the respect with which we approach every mountain, our successful track record, and safety processes, have led to our recognition as “the mountain experts” of the Middle East.

We invite you to join one of our many mountain adventures. Rest assured that, based on our qualitative support before, during, and after the trip, the tailor-made training plans that we prepare for you, and our hand-picked guides, you will not only succeed in your goal, but you will acquire some of the mountain’s wisdom as well.