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Climb the Mountains so that you can see the world, not so the world can see you… There is no better way to climb mountains or reach summits than to do it as part of our team… Our humble experience in reaching Everest 2 times and climbing the highest peaks in the world is Unmatched, with a great safety record and a high success rate. Leading teams are the first Arab Woman and Arab man to reach Everest & 7 highest summits around the world.
Choose from a number of summits and peaks around the world, Get the best support, exceptional hand-picked guides and individual training plans. There is no safer and more experienced team to summit the mountains with than Rahhalah… The mountain Experts.
Please drop us your contact information and we will be very happy to let one of our mountain experts contact you.

Tanzania - Kilimanjaro climb - Machame Route

Date of departure: December 27, 2019

Duration: 9 days

Price: 2,995 USD / 910 KWD / 11,050 AEDEXPLORE


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