Transformation and Personal Growth

An adventurous journey has the power to transform those participants who are ready for a change or are consciously looking for it. The archetypal concept of the “Hero’s Journey” (the transformation of the mythical hero through a series of daunting challenges) unfolds in parallel with the activities of the trip, and, with the guidance of an expert, may lead to introspection, profound understandings, and answers to difficult questions.

Rahhalah is one of the pioneers in the Middle East to purposely combine the transformational process with specific itineraries, drawing on the experience of its partners as well as collaborating with renowned coaches or mentors. These trips focus on the “why” rather than the “what”, helping the participants to find clarity, meaning, and purpose.

If you feel ready, dare to take a leap of faith, and join us on the mystical trails that wait to be explored, especially by you. Rest assured that, on these untrodden paths, you will discover well-hidden treasures, truths long forgotten, bliss, and inner peace that will accompany you forever.