The best classrooms have no walls, for it is through unusual experiences, the wisdom of nature, and the cultural diversity around the world that we can instill in the hearts of our youth the values that will help them in life.

In Rahhalah, we are passionate about the future of the young generations, and, in collaboration with award-winning youth camps, we have carefully designed itineraries that offer experiential learning activities to kids and adolescents. Rahhalah's Life School expeditions have already been embraced by many youngsters, while our expertise has been frequently utilized by other organizations as well. As such, we have participated in the conception, plan, and implementation of the Sheikh Sultan award, and we have collaborated multiple times with LOYAC (Lothan Youth Achievement Center), putting together expeditions that enhance their youth development goals. Finally, we prepare and implement the adventurous itineraries for the Bronze and Silver level award enrollers of the Duke of Edinburgh organization.

Through mild hiking, camping, swimming, volunteering, or interacting with various communities, the young participants can build the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, develop their leadership and communication skills, and cultivate empathy, team spirit, appreciation and gratitude.

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