Who said that the Hero’s Journey is an elusive adventure reserved only for superheroes in folk stories and fairy tales?

Become the Hero yourself by joining us on the mystical trails that have been carved around the world and wait especially for you.  Along the way, you will discover untrodden tracks and well hidden treasures but, most importantly, you will travel on the path of self-discovery and you will unveil answers to lingering questions and truths long forgotten.

What is the Hero’s Journey

Based on the analysis of the American scholar and mythologist, Joseph Campbell, the Hero’s Journey is a path of a cyclical shape.  It comprises of a number of stages, each one allowing the hero to move a bit further towards the achievement of the ultimate goal.  In brief, the journey starts with the reception of the call for adventure which takes place at the present state in the ordinary world.  Once this call is answered, the journey continues into a special world, where tests need to be faced and challenges have to be overcome till the defining moment of crisis – the turning point of self-discovery – after which, the return to the ordinary world begins.  But, now, nothing will ever be the same again for the Hero is holding deep awareness and authentic knowing as the real prize of the adventure.

The Hero’s Journey does not belong only to fantasy protagonists who live in the pages of a book, the songs of a legend or the scenes of a movie. It actually exists for people like you and me.

I personally discovered this through my own journey which included 7 hiking trails, completed within a period of about two years. Each trek was miraculously positioned on the cycle of transformation described in all legends and adventures since the beginning of time.  I unexpectedly found out that, by moving away from the surface of each trip, I unveiled long forgotten truths and understandings about myself which, once rediscovered, have become permanently integral in my life.

I invite everyone who wishes to have a similar experience to embark on our cycles of Transformational Journeys. In 2016, this cycle will comprise of 4 trails which, following the mystical power of the shamanic Medicine Wheel, will spread from the North to the South, and from the East to the West, considering the Arabian Gulf as the center.

I look forward to meeting you there!!

Konstantina Sakellariou
Chief Initiator – Transformational Journeys

Experienced Transformational Journeys

Along the trail of the Hero’s Journey Cycle

In 2016, we traveled to:

  1. The North (Alaska)
  2. The East (Borneo)
  3. The South (Peru)
  4. The West (Morocco)

North, East, South, West

According to the teachings of the shamanic Medicine Wheel, there are four directions in a person’s life, representing the spiritual, the physical, the emotional and the mental aspects of self.  The balance among these four aspects is the life journey of people:

  • The North represents the mental aspect, focusing on wisdom and logic
  • The East represents the spiritual aspect, focusing on illumination and enlightening
  • The South represents the emotional aspect, focusing on trust and innocence
  • The West represents the physical aspect, focusing on introspection and insight

These trails are moderate to challenging in terms of difficulty and require a good physical preparation. Some days during these journeys will be characterized by a peculiar solitude, as the difficulty of the hikes brings on a cathartic effect, initiating a purification process that lasts for weeks.  Other days, though, will allow time for cultural interactions and understandings, connecting with people and unveiling one’s creativity through several activities.  This will be the time to write a story, experiment with photography, venture in exotic cooking, get involved in voluntary initiatives or observe the implementation of social projects that have an impact in local societies.

So, pack your childhood sense of adventure and join us!

Where does your compass take you today?


1. The trips are too long, could there be shorter trips arranged? Or could someone join for fewer days?

These journeys cannot be made shorter and it is advised that every participant joins for the full length of the trip. On one hand, the hikes towards a mountain peak require a specific number of days in order to safeguard the well-being of the group and ensure maximum success on the summit day. Most importantly, though, and considering that the ultimate goal of each trip is a personal transformation and a journey towards self-discovery, we have confirmed that such a process cannot/should not be rushed and requires at least one week to 10 days in order to allow for the changes to happen.

2. I have not been exercising frequently, however, I am interested to join. Will I be able to?

We suggest a personal meeting and assessment well in advance. If indeed there is not enough time for adequate preparation and training, we suggest you join us for one of the easier trails. Every trip includes some level of difficulty, often just by stepping out of the comfort zone. Not everyone needs to hike to the peak of a mountain in order to experience personal transformation!

3. Should one do all four trips?

Not necessarily. We believe that each person has an internal guidance as to which trip feels more “right” at the moment. Let your intuition guide you and it will certainly be the most appropriate journey.

4. Should I do only one trip or more?

Every trip, on its own, follows the trail of the Hero’s Journey. And every trip brings a level of personal transformation. However, for people that wish to explore further, one trip is rarely enough. I could not advise how many should be included. It really depends on each individual story. My journey included 7 trips but I did not know it in advance. I just knew, when the 7th trip was concluded, that this was the end of that cycle – and the beginning of new ones.

5. Should all trips be made within one year?

It is not easy to make all trips within 12 months. Practical challenges (like number of holidays, family obligations, preparation for each trip etc) might not allow such an intensive pace. However, if one wishes to delve deeper into his/her own self, some kind of a pace is required. Based on my personal experience, the fact that I did all 7 trips within 18 months was very helpful and enhanced a fast advancement. I believe that making a 24-month plan will prove to be of significant importance, mainly because it reinforces the intention and commitment towards change.

6. Are these trips dangerous?

We go into extra lengths to ensure the well-being of each participant and nothing will jeopardize this priority. Personal safety comes first. In general, though, these trails are not dangerous and each group is well supported along every step of the way.

7. What should I pack?

Please refer to the respective list prepared by us for every journey. It is advised that you follow to the letter all our recommendations and suggestions in order to make your trip easier and more enjoyable. Avoiding some of the gear might be the decisive point between a successful journey or an unpleasant one.

About Konstantina

DSC_4088Konstantina is the Chief Initiator of the Transformational Journeys.  Having traveled the transformational journey herself, she brings her new knowing, her constant thirst for further discovery and her love for the unknown, into every trail.

Konstantina has a 20-year corporate experience.  She has acquired several executive positions and she been involved in entrepreneurial initiatives as well.  She has worked extensively in the professional services sector, with emphasis on human talent, while she also has experience in the banking and the governmental sectors.  She has been involved in projects on life-long learning and informal education, on youth development and on international business expansion.

In 2013, and after her hike on Mount Kilimanjaro, she decided to take a one-year sabbatical leave in order to explore the path of self-discovery.  Her cycle of 7 adventures that fell on her own trail of the Hero’s Journey are described in her book “The Unusual Journeys of a Girl Like Any Other”.

Ever since, she continues to hike, to write and to explore, determined to live a life of consciousness and creativity.