This trip has an optional extension

Note: you can book a post-trip extension to Montenegro!

Itinerary Details

Upon your arrival at Sarajevo, you will be welcomed by a Rahhalah representative, and you will be transferred to the hotel (approx. 20-min drive), where you will check-in before embarking on a walking tour to explore the capital of Bosnia.

Sarajevo is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Europe, having spent over 400 years under Turkish governorship until the end of the 19th century when the Austro-Hungarians arrived. Forty years later, the empire collapsed when Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated in this very city, hastening the outbreak of the First World War. The 20th century left further indelible marks, on the one hand with the 1984 Winter Olympic Games and, on the other, with the long siege that Sarajevo had to endure during the recent regional conflicts. The tour will take you through the major historical, cultural, and war sites and will help you piece together the country’s complex history.

Early in the evening, you will stroll towards the old town for a welcoming dinner at a traditional Bosnian restaurant.

Note: Arrival before 4 pm is required to be able to participate in the walking tour.

Accommodation: Hotel Cosmopolit (or similar), Sarajevo.
Sarajevo Walking Tour: about 2 hours.

Today’s hike will start from the traditional-style Bosnian Mosque in the village of Umoljani. From there, you will trek to the Seven Mills where hydraulic energy was used for centuries to grind wheat into flour. You will then hug the ridge until Rakitnica canyon and, after 5-10 minutes of uphill, you will reach the Cascades of Studeni Potok. Here, at certain times of the year, the stream creates more than 20waterfalls cascading 400 meters into the canyon below. En route, you will find a few springs where you can fill your water bottles.

From the Studeni Fields, you will hike along the Obalj’s side, being treated on the way with magnificent views and cool breezes coming from the Visocica and Treskavica mountains. After a short break, you will begin a gentle ascent (200 m) to Gornji (upper) Lukomir. There is also Donji (lower) Lukomir, abandoned now by the villagers due to the destructive avalanches in this region.

Lukomir is Bosnia’s highest village perched at 1,469 meters, known for its ancient stecci (medieval tombstones), and the old traditions still followed by the villagers. Traditional attires, including an occasional turban and fez, are still worn here and go hand in hand with the more modern elements of civilization, like electricity and running water.

At the edge of the village, you will enjoy views of the Rakitnica Canyon, Obalj village, and Visocica mountain, while, on the surrounding slopes, you will inevitably encounter numerous cows and sheep.

After lunch with a local family, you will head back to the hotel, where you can enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

Accommodation: Hotel Cosmopolit (or similar), Sarajevo.
Hiking: about 2-3 hours.
Driving time: 1hour from the hotel to the mountain in the morning and one hour (return journey) in the afternoon.

After breakfast, you will embark on a rafting adventure deep into the Neretva Canyon.The Neretva River is the emerald of Herzegovina flowing over 100 kilometers from its source into the Adriatic Sea. In the upper canyon, which you will visit, one can find some of the most exciting rafting routes in Europe. Expect deep canyon walls, endemic flora and fauna, and a wild and pristine ambiance that only Neretva can provide.
You will be supported by a modernly equipped team, and you will be able to enjoy the adventure regardless of any prior rafting experience or not. The water is very calm during the summer, and the trip provides ample opportunity to admire the canyon and its unique natural landscape. At the end of the day, you will drive to Mostar.

Accommodation: Hotel Kapetanovina (or similar), Mostar.
Rafting activity: about 4 hours.
Driving hours: 1hour in the morning from the hotel to the river, and 1hour to Mostar in the afternoon.

After breakfast, you will go for a morning walk to the Old Bridge which, when built, was the first, single-arched bridge of this size in Europe. Now, it has turned into the landmark of Mostar. From there, you will explore the rest of the town, including the traditional, Ottoman-style houses, a beautiful mosque, and many historical secrets that will fascinate you.

From Mostar, you will continue to Blagaj: a small sleepy town perched by the Buna River. Blagaj's highlights are the Buna Spring and the adjacent Ottoman house/monastery. The spring is impressive, flowing out of a200m cliff and single-handedly creating the Buna River. Unsurprisingly, the Ottoman sultan was awed and ordered a Tekija to be built right next to it. This 16th-century house/monastery was built for the Dervish cults and remains as one of the most mystical places in the country. Blagaj still moves at a slow pace, and many of its old structures are reminiscent of the Ottoman days. In the vicinity, there are also old flour mills, powered in the past by the strong currents of the Buna River.

Late in the afternoon, you will arrive in Croatia and the famous town of Dubrovnik by the Adriatic coast.

Accommodation: Hotel Adria (or similar), Dubrovnik.
Mostar Walking Tour: about 2 hours.
Driving time: 3 hours in the afternoon, transfer to Dubrovnik.

In the morning, prepare to discover unreachable caves and hidden beaches along the coast, paddling near impressive rocks, while observing cultural and historical sites from the sea. This sea-kayaking tour will allow you to enjoy in a relaxing and fun way the most attractive locations of Dubrovnik. You will begin paddling along the coastal area in front of the Old Town, and then you will visit the mystical island of Lokrum where you will spend about 45 min, before continuing towards the city walls and the old port area.
Previous experience is not necessary, and you will be accompanied by an experienced local guide.

Enjoy the rest of the day, exploring Dubrovnik at your own pace.

Accommodation: Hotel Adria (or similar), Dubrovnik.
Sea-kayaking: about 4 hours.
Driving time: 10 minutes in the morning, transfer from the hotel to the old town.

In the morning, you will walk from the hotel to the port to take the local boat to Lopud: one of the Elaphiti Islands. There, you will hike on a beautiful path that will take you through quiet bays, green fields, and remains of old churches.
In the afternoon, you will return to Dubrovnik to relax.

Accommodation: Hotel Adria (or similar), Dubrovnik.
Hiking: about 3-4 hours.
Ferry ride: 1 hour each way.

Dubrovnik is so beautiful that you will definitely need this extra day to enjoy its picturesque alleys, relax in the cafes and eateries, or bask under the sun, swimming at the nearby beaches.

Accommodation: Hotel Adria (or similar), Dubrovnik.

Depending on your departure details, you will be transferred to the Dubrovnik Airport (a 30-min drive) for your flight back home. Alternatively, you may choose to extend your trip to visit Montenegro.