Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

18th July 2019
  • Arrival at Galapagos Islands -Baltra /Puerto Ayora / Isabela Island (B, L)
    Arrival at Baltra Island (one of the Galapagos islands. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by a Rahhalah representative and transferred to Puerto Ayora (a 45-min drive). Notes:
    • You should book the below flight (cost not included in the price of the trip): Quito – Baltra: Avianca (AV1632) Departing from Quito at 6:42 am and arriving at Baltra at 9:19 am.
    • There is only one group airport transfer included in the price of the trip. Any additional transfers can be arranged at an extra cost.
    After lunch, you will board a public speedboat and, in about 2-3 hours you will reach Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island: the largest of the Galapagos Islands. Enjoy a free afternoon, relaxing at the Puerto Villamil beach. The beach is 2 miles long, and there will be marine iguanas and giant tortoises resting on the beach with you! It is an excellent place to enjoy the ambience of village life on the Galapagos Islands. Accommodation: Casa de Marita or similar.

Day 02

19th July 2019
  • Hike on the Sierra Negra Volcano- Tortoise breeding center (B,L)
    Today, you will enjoy a great hiking adventure on the Sierra Negra Volcano, where you will see the second largest caldera in the world. Sixvolcanoes make up Isabela Island, and all (but one) are active, which makes it one of the most volcanically active places on earth. You will begin with aone-hour drive towards the highlands of Isabela (where you will see an entirely differentlandscape of the Galapagos Islands) and the starting point of the hike. During thetrek, you will be able to observe a variety of birds including finches and flycatchers and, if lucky, Galapagos hawks. After the climb, you will enjoy a well-deserved view from the rim of the caldera which stretches an enormous six and a half miles across. If you choose tocontinue hiking (also depending on the volcanic activity), you can visit Chico Volcano, a collection of small craters, where you may see fumaroles, vents in thevolcano where its steam escapes into the outside air, and unusual lava formations. This area is a remarkable visual record of the geological history of theGalapagos. From the highest observation point on the hike, you will enjoy views of Isabela’s other volcanoes and its nearby islands. You will then hike backto the starting point and drive back to town. There, after lunch, you will head to the tortoise breeding center. If you feel too tired for this activity, you can postpone it on the following day after the tour of Los Tuneles. Hiking distance and time: 4-10 miles depending on the group, 3-8 hours depending on the group's preferences. Accommodation: Casa de Marita or similar.

Day 03

20th July 2019
  • Los Tuneles and El Finado (B, L)
    In the morning, you will take a 45-minute boat ride to Los Tuneles: a remarkable lava formation consisting of arches and caves, caused by the drastic change in lava temperature clashing with oceanwater about a million years ago. There, you can admire Galapagos penguins, sea birds, eagle rays, and sharks as you slowly crisscross through the labyrinth of rocks and tunnels. If the sea conditions permit, you will disembark to walk on the unique volcanic rock formations, gaze at sea birds resting peacefully on the rocks, and enjoy the beautiful landscape dominated byopuntia, candelabra cacti, and red mangroves. Then, you will have the opportunity to snorkel in crystal clear waters for a dive into a remarkable underwater world. Just ten minutes from Los Tuneles, you will find El Finado, an inlet that local fishermen have used for many yearsas a resting place during their journeys in the ocean. It is a place with tranquil andshallow waters. You can snorkel among submerged caves and small reefs formed by lava rocks. This is also a preferred spot for white-tipped reef sharks, colorful tropical fish, and stingrays. As youapproach mangroves, waters will be shallower, offering you the opportunity to see parrotfish, hogfish, and wrasses up-close, in a mysterious and unique habitat. You will retake the boat to Puerto Villamil (45 minutes) and have the rest of the afternoon and evening to relax. Total activity time for Los Tuneles and El Finado is 5-6 hours. Accommodation: Casa de Marita or similar.

Day 04

21st July 2019
  • Departure from Galapagos Islands: (B)
    After breakfast, you will head to the pier where you will catch the speedboat to Puerto Ayora (a 2-3 hours trip), and from there you will drive to the airport (a 45-minute drive). Notes:
    • You should book the below flight (cost not included in the price of the trip): Baltra - Quito: Avianca (AV1689) Departing from Baltra at 15:48 PM and arriving in Quito at 18:59 PM.
    • There is only one group airport transfer included in the price of the trip. Additional transfers can be arranged at extra cost.