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Konstantina is the Chief Initiator of the Transformational Journeys. Having traveled the transformational journey herself, she brings her new knowing, her constant thirst for further discovery and her love for the unknown, into every trail. Konstantina has a 20-year corporate experience. She has acquired several executive positions and she been involved in entrepreneurial initiatives as well. She has worked extensively in the professional services sector, with emphasis on human talent, while she also has experience in the banking and the governmental sectors. She has been involved in projects on life-long learning and informal education, on youth development and on international business expansion.


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Itinerary Details

Note: Arrival at Sharm El Sheikh should be before 9am.

The group will assemble at 9am at the airport of Sharm el Sheikh, where you will be welcomed by our Rahhalah representative and you will head to St Katherine town (approx. a2.5-hour drive)

Note: One group airport transfer is included in the price. Additional can be arranged at extra cost.

The hike will start in St Katherine, which is the highest town in Egypt and a place considered holy in three religions around the world. You will begin with an easy scramble down the gorge of El Buggiya, before entering the huge, shadowy gorge of Wadi Shaqq, in whose upper stretch deep waterpools are found. You will continue through a narrow canyon to the high, remote region of Wadi Abu Tuweita where you will spend the night in a Bedouin orchard. This will be a shorter day with about 6km walking, with steep, rugged but manageable paths.

Overnight in a Bedouin orchard in tents.

After breakfast, you will continue through a remote tract of the St Katherine highlands to a deep waterpool known as Galt el Azraq: The Blue Pool. From there, you will move into the beautiful narrow gorge of Wadi Talla Kibeera, passing through lush tracts of vegetation before arriving at Farsh Rumanna: The Basin of the Pomegranates. This stands in the wild, westerly parts of the mountains and there is a pretty Bedouin orchard with nearby caves in which you will set camp for the night.
The day is about 8km but will involve a full day of walking on rugged paths.

Overnight in a Bedouin orchard in tents.

In the morning, you will go deeper into the wild, westerly parts of the mountains, into the ranges of a mountain called Jebel Bab el Dunya: Door to the World. Beautiful views open up over the Red Sea in this region and you will be able to gaze over its waters to the highlands of Africa. You will continue with a walk through Wadi Jibaal, a wide, open wadi that gives a passage to Wadi Zawatin, where you will spend the night in a Bedouin orchard. This will be a longer hike involving about 12km of walking over another full day. 

Overnight in a Bedouin orchard in tents.

In the morning, you will ascend the northern foothills of Jebel Katherina - Egypt's highest peak - to a half way point known as Farsh Um Silla. Depending on the group, you may continue to the top, which involves walking a steep zigzag path and which typically takes about an hour. Alternatively, you will continue down towards Wadi Arbain: The Valley of the Forty Martyrs. One of the oldest monasteries in the Sinai stands there and you will sleep in an old Bedouin orchard that stands next to it. This day will involve about 8km and a little more for those who want to summit Jebel Katherina.

Overnight in a Bedouin orchard in tents.

You will wake early and begin an ascent of Mount Sinai, getting to the top shortly before sunrise. You will watch the sun come up the beautiful highlands of the Sinai before heading down the Steps of Repentance and visiting the Monastery of St Katherine before it closes at midday. The Monastery of St Katherine is one of the oldest continuously operating monasteries in the world and you will have the chance to be guided there by Sheikh Ahmed: a prominent individual in the region. At the end, you will sit for a special Q&A with him at Fox Camp in St Katherine town. This will be a short half day involving a hike of about 7km.

You will then depart in a van towards Sharm El Sheikh for your departure back home or you can prolong your stay for a day or two, relaxing and snorkeling in the exotic waters.

Recommended departure time (from Sharm El Sheikh Airport) is from 6 pm onwards.

Note: One group airport transfer is arranged.  Additional can be arranged at an extra cost.