Itinerary Details

Upon your arrival at Athens International Airport, you will be welcomed by the trip leader (or another Rahhalah representative), and you will be transferred to your hotel.

In the afternoon, you will head towards Plaka, the oldest, still-inhabited neighborhood of Athens and Europe. You will stroll around the picturesque alleys, observing the kaleidoscopic co-existence of the Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and modern Greek eras. You will also visit the charming area of Anafiotika – affectionately referred to as “an island within the city” – from the top of which you can enjoy panoramic views of the Greek metropolis.

You will finish the day in the oldest Plaka tavern to dine on local delicacies (an introduction to some of the most traditional dishes like tzatziki, moussaka, etc.) while singing and dancing – the Greek way.

Accommodation: President Hotel (4-star) or similar.

After breakfast, you will head downtown Athens to sample a few street-food options and visit delicatessen shops that offer you a broader taste of Greece, while passing in front of famous landmarks of historical and cultural importance. During lunch, you will taste additional flavors from the country, in recipes that combine tradition with modern experimentation.

In the afternoon, you will head to the house of the trip leader for your first cooking experience. The purpose of this activity is not so much to follow a recipe's instructions but to reconnect with the natural ingredients and each other. Cooking has traditionally been a communal experience: a safe space where thoughts are exchanged over chopping and stirring. In the end, you will dine on your creations, continuing the meaningful discussions in the candle-lit dining room.

Accommodation: President Hotel (4-star) or similar.

After breakfast, you will head to the parental home of the trip leader, where you will cook with her mom and set the table for lunch. The purpose of the experience is to remember the way recipes and cooking secrets pass from generation to generation: through the stories of the mothers, their habits, and the time we spend with them preparing a meal. The mere cooking process in a family is filled with love: from the land (in the ingredients), the parents (as providers), and the guests (recipients). Perhaps, this is the most valuable takeaway of the day.

In the afternoon, you will head back to Athens, where you will enjoy some free time until the evening performance (more details to be announced closer to date; an option is to attend the theater performance “Paper Moon”, with English supertitles).

Accommodation: President Hotel (4-star) or similar.

In the morning, you will first pass by a farmers’ market – a beloved institution in every neighborhood of Athens – where you will see the local, seasonal produce and enjoy colors and aromas.

Then, you will head to the coastal town of Loutraki (1-hour driving distance), to relax by the corniche and have lunch (mostly seafood) in a local, family-owned tavern. There, the daughter (second generation in the business) will share with you her experience regarding access to good-quality first ingredients, the individual component every cook adds to the same recipe, and the types of fish found in the Corinthian Bay.

Finally, you will head to Nafplio (1-hour driving distance): the first capital city of modern Greece, known for its Venetian ambience, where you will stroll through the alleys of the old town, shopping in the great boutique stores, and tasting some local delicacies.

Return to Athens (2-hours driving distance).

Accommodation: President Hotel (4-star) or similar.

Once more, you will head to the countryside, this time towards the mountains and the picturesque Kalavryta town (a 3-hour driving distance). There, you will pass by the market to taste the variety of local cheese, preserves, herbs, beans, mushrooms, and honey, before resting in the restaurant “To Spiti tis Marios” (meaning, The House of Maria). There, the professional chef Giorgos Manikas will share with you some of his secrets, mixed with his cheerful personality and passion for cooking.

Return to Athens (a 3-hour drive).

Accommodation: President Hotel (4-star) or similar.

Although today is April Fool’s day, this is not a lie: your journey to the culinary heritage of Greece has come to an end. After breakfast, and depending on your departure details, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back home.