Itinerary Details

Upon your arrival at Athens International Airport, you will be welcomed by the trip leader (or another Rahhalah representative), and you will be transferred to your hotel.

In the afternoon, you will head towards Plaka, the oldest, still-inhabited neighborhood of Athens and Europe. You will stroll around the picturesque alleys, observing the kaleidoscopic co-existence of the Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and modern Greek eras, evident in the monuments, the architecture, the houses, and the stories imprinted in each corner. You will also visit the charming area of Anafiotika – affectionately referred to as “an island within the city” – and you will enjoy from the top panoramic views over the Greek metropolis.

You will finish the day in the oldest Plaka tavern to dine on traditional local delicacies, singing, dancing – and celebrating the birthday of the trip leader!

Accommodation: Best Western Plus Embassy Hotel (4-star) or similar.

Enjoy a free, relaxing morning, exploring Athens at your own pace and maybe even indulging in some shopping, before the group re-assembles at around noon at the hotel to check-out and head to the Alimos Marina.

After lunch, you will board the boat and, after settling in your cabins, the skipper will brief you about the safety measures during the trip and the use of the different areas and compartments.

You will travel on a Bavaria 49 sailing boat with five cabins (three larger ones with double beds and two smaller ones with single bunks for the skipper and the trip leader). There are three bathrooms with shower (cold and hot water) to be shared by the whole team, and a kitchen equipped with two refrigerators, a stove, pots, and utensils. There is electricity to charge mobiles and cameras, but extensive use of other appliances like hairdryers will not always be possible.

At around 3-4 pm, you will leave the Alimos Marina for your sailing adventure, heading either to Poros Island or Sounio Cape and Tzia Island.

On the way, you will relax on the deck, and you can start getting acquainted with the routine of life on the boat. The skipper will be glad to teach you your first nautical terms. Throughout the trip, you may learn how to tie knots, use the helm, read the nautical maps or the stars on the sky, and lookout for the lighthouses or landmarks in sea and land that assist a captain in determining the direction.

Later, you will get involved in the preparation of the dinner. A sailing boat represents a small community which needs each other’s help and cooperation to ensure a harmonious co-existence in a limited space. Although the trip leader will be responsible for organizing the meals while onboard, you will all participate (together or in turns) in the cooking process. These small tasks will give you a more authentic feel and will turn into the bonds that keep the group together. In the end of the trip, these will be some of the most enjoyable moments to remember.

Sailing time: around 3 hours.

Overnight and dinner on the boat.

After a relaxing night, lulled by the soft rocking of the sea, you will head towards Kythnos Island. The journey will take a few hours, but on the way, you will enjoy breakfast, and then, you will sunbathe, read, relax, or learn more about sailing. The skipper and the trip leader will share stories of the sea, anecdotes and myths so that you get better acquainted with the Mediterranean and the Aegean.

In Kythnos, you will most probably stop at Kolones Bay, one of the most beautiful coves of the Cycladic islands, where you will spend the rest of the day swimming, going to the shore to explore the island, and having dinner in a tavern.

Sailing time: 5-7 hours.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be prepared on the boatwhile sailing – dinnerin a tavern on the island.
Overnight on the boat.

Today you will head towards Syros, adorned by Ermoupoli: its picturesque town. By now, you will be fairly acquainted with life on the boat, and you can relax, sunbathe, chat, read, or even play group-games organized by the trip leader.

When in Syros, you will get off to explore the island and enjoy the afternoon/evening in Ermoupoli, dining or checking the available cafes of the town. Ermoupoli, the capital town of the Cyclades Islands, is known for its charming neoclassical architecture, the grand Apollo Theater that was modelled after La Scala in Milan, and the two hills that host an Orthodox and a Catholic church respectively.

Sailing time: 5-7 hours.
Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be prepared on the boat while sailing – dinner in a tavern on the island.
Overnight on the boat.

Today you will head to Mykonos where you will spend the next couple of days. The journey from Syros is not very long, so you are expected to arrive there at mid-day. Upon arrival, you will enjoy swimming in one of the numerous beaches, jumping off the sailing boat, and going to the shore to enjoy a cup of coffee or a juice.

Later in the afternoon, you will head to the picturesque town where you will explore the windmills, Little Venice, the narrow alleys painted in blue and white, and you may even meet Peter the Pelican: the famous mascot of Mykonos. Enjoy the rest of the day at your own pace, as the town will enchant you with its cafes and restaurants, beauty, shopping options, and overall vibe.

Sailing time: 4-5 hours.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be prepared on the boat while sailing – dinner in a tavern on the island.
Overnight on the boat.

Enjoy the day swimming in the crystal-clear sea, relaxing, or maybe changing locations around the island with the sailing boat, perhaps even visiting Dilos or Tinos islands nearby.
In the evening, enjoy once more the town of Mykonos, taking in as much as possible of its distinct, friendly vibe.

Sailing time: very limited.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be prepared on the boat– dinner in a tavern on the island.
Overnight on the boat.

It is time to begin the return journey to Athens. You will possibly stop once more at Kythnos island for the afternoon/night, to swim, relax, and enjoy your last night in the sea.

Sailing time: 7 hours.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be prepared on the boat while sailing – dinner in a tavern on the island.
Overnight on the boat.

You will start early in the morning so that you reach the Alimos Marina at around 4-5 pm. On the way, you will stop for a swim, and you will begin to pack your things, collecting the last memories from the trip.

When in Athens, there are three available options:

  1. Head directly to the airport to take your flight back home (flights should leave after 8 pm).
  2. Book an extra night in a hotel in Athens and spend the rest of the day downtown, enjoying the vibes of the Greek capital city (cost of the hotel room not included in the price).
  3. Stay in the boat for the night, enjoying life at the marina (cost of accommodation in the boat is included in the price. However, you should note that you should leave the boat early the next morning as the rooms have to be cleaned and prepared for the next group. Check-out of the boat: max. by 9 am).

Sailing time: around 7 hours.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be prepared on the boat while sailing.