Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

Friday, August 9, 2019
  • Arrival in Athens – Special “Instagram” tour around the city (D)

    Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by one of the trip leaders, and you will be transferred to the hotel at the city center.

    In the afternoon, you will go for a special Instagram tour around Athens, during which you will have the opportunity to take photos in front of the most Instagramable landmarks of the Greek capital.

    Dinner at a traditional tavern in Plaka with Greek mezze and live music.

    Accommodation in Athens: Best Western Embassy Hotel (4*) or similar.

    Recommended arrival time: by 3pm max (to be able to complete the tour around the city).

Day 02

Saturday, August 10, 2019
  • Transfer to Peloponnese/Alissos – Swimming – Exploring Patras town (B, L, D)

    After breakfast, you will head towards the Peloponnese where you will spend the rest of your days while in Greece. On the way, you will discuss details on the history of Greece and Athens connected on the landmarks you will have visited the day before, and your trip leaders will share stories, myths, and exciting information on how the country has evolved over the centuries and how the various events or achievements reflect on the global history today.

    On the way, you will pass by the Corinth Canal (the well-known Isthmus), an engineering masterpiece of the 19th century, which turned the Peloponnese into an island, facilitating navigation in the Mediterranean. Its importance for trade, tourism, transport and marine navigation is second only to the Suez Canal in Egypt.

    After a brief stop there, you will continue towards the city of Patras, a significant port town, and from there will reach Alissos village, perched next to the sea. After check-in, you will enjoy the rest of the afternoon by the beach, and in the evening, you will head to Patras to stroll around the old city and the port, checking some of the most interesting spots in town, including the Venetian Castle and the Pantokratoras Church which is a smaller replica of the Aghia Sophia Church in Istanbul.

    Dinner at one of Patras’ famous restaurants.

    Accommodation in Alissos: Castella Beach Hotel (3*) or similar.
    Driving time from Athens to Alissos: 3-3.5 hours.

Day 03

Sunday, August 11, 2019
  • Visiting the birthplace of the Olympic Games – Swimming (B, L, D)

    After breakfast, you will head to the archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games in Antiquity. On the way, you will hear the stories behind the Games, their importance, and their rebirth in the modern era. After strolling through the remains of the temples, the stadium, and the museum, you will head back to Alissos. Before reaching the hotel, you will stop at the beautiful Kayafa sand dunes beach to enjoy the pristine clean waters. Lunch at one of the nearby traditional tavernas, and then return to the hotel for relaxation.

    After the hot, mid-day hours, you will head to a tree bar to enjoy an evening swim and a snack at the beach bar. If you would like to try your talent in archery, you can also have a brief course offered by the owner of the premises who is also a Greek archery champion many times over (optional activity – cost not included in the fees).

    Accommodation in Alissos: Castella Beach Hotel (3*) or similar.

Day 04

Monday, August 12, 2019
  • Swimming at the Strofylia National Park– Evening concert in Patras town (B, L, D)

    After breakfast, you will head to Kalogria beach, one of the pristine beaches of Strofylia National Park, where you will spend the day swimming and sunbathing. Lunch at a nearby tavern.

    In the evening, you will head to Patras for an early dinner, and then you will attend a concert at the Roman Stadium of the city – a traditional summer experience while in Greece.

    Note: In case a concert is not hosted in the Roman Stadium during the days of the trip, this activity will be replaced by another musical event in the area (for instance, a concert at a beach bar, or similar).

    Accommodation in Alissos: Castella Beach Hotel (3*) or similar.

Day 05

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
  • Birdwatching – Swimming – Home-based cooking class and dinner (B, L, D)

    After an early breakfast, you will head to again Kalogria beach, this time to do a bit of birdwatching in one of the most interesting National Parks of Greece, before heading to the beach for yet another day of enjoyment and relaxation. After lunch, you will return to the Hotel to rest.

    In the afternoon, you will go to Vrahneika, a nearby beach village, where friends and relatives of the trip leaders will show you around their farming grounds and vegetable gardens, sharing details about their livelihoods in the countryside as you stroll through their olive groves and lemon orchards (you may do a bit of lemon-picking, yourselves). Then, you will head to a friend's home where you will be invited into the hostess’ kitchen for a short cooking class, before dining on what you will have cooked (and more) on the balcony, under the starlit sky.

    Accommodation in Alissos: Castella Beach Hotel (3*) or similar.

Day 06

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
  • Return to Athens – Departure (B)

    After breakfast, you will check out from the hotel and head back to Athens. On the way, you will exit towards to small town of Rion, to view one of the most impressive bridges in the Mediterranean, the Rion-Antirrion bridge. You will continue your return to Athens and the Athens airport, where you will be transferred for your departure flights.

    Recommended departure time: after 3 pm.