Itinerary Details

Upon your arrival in Greenland at colorful Nuuk, you will be greeted by Rahhalah representative who will welcome you at the one of the world's tiniest international airports.
Once whole group is gathered, you will be heading to the countryside and your glamping adventure.

You will take a boat to reach the camping site. The boat cruise is about 80-km long and goes deep into the world's second-largest fjord formation. Along the way, you will scout for humpback whales that often traverse these waters. This is where your adventure begins. Lean back, relax, and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sights.

Upon arrival at the camp, you will go on a short hike to a beautiful waterfall nearby, before settling in your tents, surrounded by silence and comfort.

Our luxury adventure camp is set in an exclusive and remote destination, deep into the majestic Nuuk fjord. Despite its seclusion, it offers modern amenities and facilities.
Each tent (double sharing) is very large with ample space to stand; it comes with 2 single beds fully lined, a small table with chairs, a wood stove, with eco-toilet, and hot shower facilities.

You will also be able to relax your muscles in the outdoor Hot Tub and the Sauna of the campsite.

A dedicated chef will prepare traditional, fresh food which will be served in the relaxing lounge/dining tent.

This is a place to disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with yourself and nature.

Dinner & Overnight stay at the luxury camp.

Today you enjoy your first tasty breakfast at the camp, later you embark on a boat cruise to the fjord to reach the starting point of your hiking trail. which has a wide range of hiking terrains crossing over and through mountains from the dawn of time.

We'll find a route that suits our groups' ability - from no experience, to scrambling to the summit of the tallest mountain (1650m). Hiking back to the sea, you will be met by our boat which will return you to the camp for an exquisite, well-deserved dinner.

Before dinner if time allows, you have the option to go for Fishing!
Fishing is a vital part of life and leisure in Greenland. The abundant waters outside of Nuuk are teeming with cod and redfish and even first timers have a great chance of catching dinner!
On this tour, your guide will take you by boat to the best spots in the area and provide you with all the gear and instruction you need to start pulling in fish. No previous experience necessary, just enjoy the beautiful mountainous scenery and keep an eye out for humpback whales and harp seals doing some fishing of their own!
The fish you catch can then be frozen and packed for travel, or simply handed over to the chef who will craft a delightful, freshly-caught dinner.

Dinner & Overnight stay at the luxury camp.

In the morning, you will take a boat cruise to the Kapisillit area: a notorious Greenlandic Salmon breeding spot. Prepare to fish with your bare hands or with traditional rods, and then enjoy lunch next to the river.

From there, you will walk to the Kapisillit settlement to explore the village and interact with some of its 50 inhabitants, especially while sharing coffee with them in a simple private home. The Inuit tribe that inhabits the isolated regions of the Arctic, Greenland, and Canada, shares a fascinating culture, full of daily routines, rituals, challenges, and opportunities. It is a privilege to discover many of these details through your interaction with the locals, while listening at the stories they will be happy to share with you.

You will then take the boat cruise back to the camp to enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by the chef.

Dinner & Overnight stay at the luxury camp.

After breakfast, you will cruise again deep into the Nuuk fjord, stopping on the way at the ice fjord. There, you can enjoy the thrilling experience of swimming in the icy waters or standing on the ice, dressed in survival suits.

Afterwards, the boat will sail to the most productive glacier, close to all the peaks, waterfalls, and bays, where you will have lunch onshore.

You can also enjoy Paddleboarding among Icebergs. Once there you’ll put on your drysuits and life jackets as well as communication gear that’ll keep you both warm and safe. You’ll start paddling around so you get to enjoy the fresh air and the surreal experience of paddling between icebergs. The fjord is home for a few whales and you might be lucky enough to spot some on the way.

If you fall off the board you might experience your first polar plunge! But not to worry, the board is easy to get back on and the drysuit keeps you nice and cosy in the cold water. Enjoy the silence and crackling of melting ice around you, you’ll be surrounded by white and maybe crystal clear blue icebergs. The boat crew will stick close by as an extra safety precaution.

Later after finishing, you will sail back to the camp where a warm dinner and a hot tub will await for you after a long day out in the open. Enjoy the last gourmet dinner prepared by the chef, and the final night of your glamping adventure, surrounded by silence, serenity, and meditative peace.

Dinner & Overnight stay at the luxury camp.

After breakfast, you will leave the camp by boat, returning to Nuuk (and civilization). Check-in to your hotel in Nuuk.

While in Nuuk, you can enjoy some free time for shopping, exploring the colorful city.

Nuuk is the capital and largest city of Greenland, home to one-third of the country’s population. It is so remote and isolated that the other large cities in the proximity – Iqaluit and St. John's in Canada and Reykjavík in Iceland – are outside Greenland’s territory.

Despite its small size, Nuuk occupies its own place in the unfolding of the regional events, and it is a place worth exploring to understand the local culture better. You can explore it by walking tour around the city, stopping, among other sites, at the National Museum, the old colonial harbor, and a private house to get a glimpse of the local life.

Overnight stay at hotel. Accommodation: Hotel Hans Egede or similar.

After breakfast, checkout from hotel and depending on your flight details, you will be heading to the airport for your departure flight.