Itinerary Details

Upon your arrival in Greenland, you will be welcomed in one of the world's tiniest international airports by a Rahhalah representative who will transfer you to your hotel in Nuuk.

Depending on your arrival time, you may explore Nuuk at your own pace. Some suggestions include the following:

Self-guided walking tour in Nuuk
Venture through the central parts of Nuuk, including the Colonial Harbour. As you stroll, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Nuuk's history, spanning from its earliest days to contemporary times. This self-guided journey is perfect for history enthusiasts keen on tracing the city's evolution. From its foundation in 1728 through the colonization period and the moment the first Greenlandic Government came into power, Nuuk invites you to discover it.

A historical glimpse of the hunting culture (self-visit)
Step into the National Museum, initiated in the mid-1960s as Greenland's inaugural museum. Over the years, its collections have flourished, enriched by excavations and repatriated artifacts from the Danish National Museum. This institution celebrates Greenland's diverse heritage, spanning archaeology, recent history, and arts and crafts. One of the museum's most renowned exhibits features the Qilakitsoq mummies. These ancient remains offer a rare glimpse into a lesser-documented period of Greenland's past. As you navigate this exhibit, learn about the circumstances surrounding their discovery and the myriad artifacts accompanying these individuals in their 500-year-old resting place. The Qilakitsoq mummies provide profound insights into the Inuits' perceptions of life and death, underscoring the tough choices made during challenging times.

At around 7pm the group will re-assemble for a welcoming dinner at the hotel’s restaurant Sarfalik. Sarfalik offers an innovative restaurant experience which combines the best of the Greenlandic and the global kitchen. Sarfalik is the Greenlandic word for gathering place, and Greenland has a vast number of those. When reading a map of any part of the country, you will find a vast number of place names which include the word Sarfalik in one way or the other. Frequently, these are found in proximity to old settlements, villages or other signs of human activity. In other words, a gathering place is one huge larder where the size and type of catch depend on the season. This is a restaurant that reflects the catch and produce of the season.

Accommodation: Hotel Hans Egede Junior Suite) (4-star)
Situated in the bustling heart of Nuuk, Hotel Hans Egede stands out as the city's top hotel, blending comfort with essential amenities. The junior suites, designed for both solo travelers and couples, offer ample space combined with practical features.

After breakfast, you will meet your Nomad trip leader who will be with you throughout the trip, sharing stories and insights, inviting you to fully immerse in the moment and discover the true beauty of this remote land.

You will spend a relaxing morning, strolling around the mini city-center, and visiting some of the souvenir shops. You will also visit the art craft workshop where local artists make their carvings in bone, tooth and stone, before stopping for lunch in Katuaq, the Cultural center. The café in Katuaq is an oasis of culture. Cafétuaq is a meeting point for many, ranging from local families to tourists, artists and musicians who perform or exhibit in Katuaq. Cafétuaq serves a variety of hot and cold dishes, mostly based on Greenlandic ingredients, with a hint of flavors from around the world. Katuaq, Greenland's Cultural Center, is located in the middle of Nuuk in the business district between public buildings and shops. The building is full of character, and fits in perfectly in the arctic landscape despite its unique design. It was inspired by waving northern lights and the play of light on ice and snow.

At 2pm, you will board the boat to Kiattua, sailing through one of the oldest places on Earth. Enjoy the feeling of freedom as busy life fades away. The boat cruise is about 80-km long and goes deep into the world's second-largest fjord formation. Along the way, you will scout for humpback whales that often traverse these waters. This is where your adventure begins. Lean back, relax, and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sights.

At around 4pm, you will arrive at the glamping site. This luxury adventure camp is set in an exclusive and remote destination, deep into the majestic Nuuk fjord. Despite its seclusion, it offers modern amenities and facilities. Each tent (double sharing) is very large with ample space to stand; it comes with 2 single beds fully lined, a small table with chairs, a wood stove, an eco-toilet, and hot shower facilities. You will also be able to relax your muscles in the outdoor Hot Tub and the Sauna of the campsite. A dedicated chef will prepare traditional, fresh food which will be served in the relaxing lounge/dining tent.This is a place to disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with yourself and nature.

Upon arrival, you will embark on a mini exploration of Kiattua Valley. You will go on a short hike a beautiful waterfall nearby, before settling in your tents, surrounded by silence and comfort. Explore the stunning beauty of the Kiattua valley with a hike that takes you through the lowlands, across the river near the waterfall. Along the way, your host will share information on the local flora, pointing out the wild plants and herbs that grow in this arctic landscape. At the peak, you will take a break to heat up some water and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee while taking in the panoramic view of the mountains as far as the eye can see, and the majestic Amitsuarsuk fjord. This immersive experience is designed to awaken your curiosity and sense of discovery, while providing a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

At 7pm, after having settled in your tents, you will enjoy your first dinner at the camp, including delicious, gourmet meals that are inspired by local ingredients and crafted by some of the region's best chefs.
Throughout your stay, you can expect to enjoy meals made from wild berries, mushrooms, and freshly-foraged herbal teas, fresh fish and seafood caught just off the camp in the fjord and meats supplied by local hunters.

Overnight stay at the luxury camp.

Enjoy the hearty breakfast buffet, available whenever and wherever you desire. Savor the taste of fresh bread, pancakes, homemade jams, cheese board, locally smoked fish, sausages, fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal, and eggs. Tea infusions are made from handpicked local herbs, and coffee is brewed to perfection.

At 10:00, you will embark on an extraordinary adventure that seamlessly blends kayaking, mussel and fish harvesting, and a coastal culinary experience against the backdrop of campsite. This 4-hour excursion promises immersion in nature and a profound sense of accomplishment through an all-in participation. While kayaking, you will collect mussels and fish with the traditional handheld fishing line, primarily targeting Cod. Your destination, a remote shore approximately 3 kilometers from camp, beckons with its natural beauty. Here, you will actively participate in crafting a seafood feast. You may choose to cook either by frying over an open fire or by preparing a delectable fish soup, adding a rustic charm to your culinary adventure.
This all-in participation journey allows you to savor the flavors of the sea and relish the satisfaction of contributing to the entire process. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Kiattua, forging a deep connection with the sea, and revel in the accomplishment of a day filled with adventure, discovery, and culinary delight.

At 14:00, you will go on a daring and thrilling adventure: swimming with icebergs in the arctic waters and standing on ice, dressed in survival suits. Let yourself be enthralled by the magnificence of the icebergs, the magical interplay of colors and the sculptural shapes and their incredible history. Remember: Once they were just tiny snowflakes.

At 16:00, you will go on a foraging walking tour to de-stress from modern life and reconnect once again with wild mother nature. The flora of Greenland is quite poor since the climate is harsh and only the toughest plants can survive in such conditions. Fortunately, the country is rich with wild herbs and berries that grow all over its terrain. Among them are blueberries, blackberries, crow berries, Alpine bear berries, Juniper berries, angelica, Labrador tea, Arctic Thyme, various mushrooms and seaweed. The berries are an essential part of the Inuit diet, and are widely used in desserts, compotes, and meat sauces or as an accompaniment to boiled cod liver.

At the end of the day, you will experience that food always tastes better when you’ve found it yourself. The camp’s chef will prepare the “catch” of the day for your delicious dinner.

After dinner, you will end the day sitting around a nice bonfire either outside the dining tent or at the beach, warming yourselves with a hot beverage or the famous Greenlandic coffee. You thought you knew what your favorite winter drink? Wait until you try Greenlandic coffee. Greenland's cold weather cure is like an Irish coffee, except more Irish! And like everything in Greenlandic culture, this lovely mixture comes with a story that's just as delicious.

Overnight stay at the luxury camp.

After breakfast, you will embark on a boat cruise to the magnificent Ice fjord: a memorable open-air boat journey to the ice fjord of Nuuk, Narsap Sermia, nestled near the village of Kapisillit. Your adventure begins with a scenic 35-minute boat ride to the base of the Kapisillit fjord. From there, a relatively flat, 1-hour hike awaits, with just an initial incline before the terrain levels out. As you ascend, the sight that greets you at the peak is simply breathtaking: a vast, white expanse, seemingly an ocean itself, blanketed in ice. The amount of ice varies, subtly changing the panorama based on recent temperatures. As you trek, keep an eye out for the local wildlife. There's a chance to spot reindeer roaming freely, and sheep from a nearby farm grazing in the verdant landscapes of Kapisillit.

Upon reaching the viewpoint, you will take a moment to relax and immerse yourselves in the surroundings. Enjoy a satisfying lunch paired with a warm cup of tea or coffee, savoring the tranquility and the spectacular icy vista, before returning to the boat.

At 2:30pm, you will embark on another quintessential Greenland experience: deep sea fishing. Fishing is an essential part of life in Greenland, and you will have the opportunity to experience it for yourselves. The crystal-clear waters outside the camp are abundant with cod and flounder, which are not only a staple of the Greenlandic diet, but also a fun and exciting catch for even novice fishermen. Your Nomad host will take you to the best spots, providing all the necessary gear and instruction to help you start reeling in fish within minutes.

After the successful fishing session, you will feel proud to have contributed to the dinner, and you can look forward to enjoying a delicious meal prepared by our chef using the very fish you caught. Some of the fish will also be smoked during the night and vacuum-packed, so you can bring a piece of the Arctic back home with you as a souvenir.

With stunning natural surroundings, this fishing experience offers an immersive opportunity to relax and connect with the Arctic environment, away from the distractions of modern life. So come and experience the thrill of the catch and the satisfaction of providing for yourself and others while surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of the Arctic wilderness.
End the day with a delicious dinner and warming up around the bonfire.

Overnight stay at the luxury camp

After breakfast, you will checkout from your camp and, at 10:30am, you will catch the boat to return from the wilderness to civilization. As you bid farewell to the untouched beauty of Kiattua, you will embark on a transformative open air boat journey back to Nuuk, the heart of modern Greenland. The 80km boat cruise serves as a gentle transition, bridging the pristine wilderness and the bustling urban life that awaits. As the remote landscapes slowly give way, the anticipation of reentering the vibrant rhythm of the city grows. This voyage isn't just about physical travel; it's a passage from the serene embrace of nature to the dynamic pulse of civilization. Sit back, reminisce your time in Saqqaq and Kiattua, and prepare to reintegrate into the contemporary world.

From the port, you will be transferred to your hotel and you can enjoy the rest of the day at leisure, strolling, shopping, and exploring the colorful city.

Despite its small size, Nuuk occupies its own place in the unfolding of the regional events, and is a place worth exploring to better understand the local culture. Walk around the city, stopping, among other sites, at the National Museum, the old colonial harbor, and a private house to get a glimpse of the local life.

Accommodation: Hotel Hans Egede, Junior Suite (4-star).

After breakfast, and depending on your departure details, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back home.