Itinerary Details

Upon arrival at Srinagar airport, Rahhalah representatives greet you and take you to the traditional Kashmiri houseboats or boutique hotels located in the city.

Dinner & Overnight.
Accommodation: Houseboat or Boutique hotel in Srinagar

After breakfast, you will head to Yusmarg (approx. a 2-hour drive): it is a beautiful hill station in Kashmir, it has a wonderful mix of grasslands, scattered forests, and pine-covered mountains.

Upon your arrival, you will begin your trekking adventure, heading towards the Dragtol campsite. The trail is beautiful, with a slight ascend, passing through beautiful meadows, maple, and Pine tree-lined routes.

Hiking details:
Hiking distance: 8 km.
Hiking time: approx. 4 hours.
Elevation: + 400m (from Yusmarg 2396m to Dragtol 2800m).

Accommodation: Camping in Alpine tents with beds.

Today, you will hike to Barga Valley, which is at a higher altitude (3,250m). The trail is moderately ascending, while the Liddermad huts become a distant memory as you gradually go above to tree line until you reach the beautiful meadows of Barga Valley. Upon arrival, go to visit Danizeb meadows. Danizab Meadow is famous for its enchanting carpet of greens and charming flower blooms.

Hiking details:
Hiking distance: 6 km
Hiking time: approx. 3-4 hours.
Elevation: + 450m (from Dragtol 2800m to Barga Valley 3250m)

Accommodation: Camping in Alpine tents with beds.

The trail to the Dandair Meadows is a moderate and gradual ascent. As you gain altitude, the hiking pace becomes slower. Once you arrive, having the rest of the evening free to explore the stunning surrounding landscape.

Hiking details:
Hiking distance: 12 km
Hiking time: approx. 6-7 hours.
Elevation: (from Barga Valley 3250m to Dandair Meadows 3250m ).

Accommodation: Camping in Alpine tents with bed.

After breakfast, you will retrace your steps back to Doodhpathri, traversing once more the meadows and reaching the tree line (at a lower altitude). The descent is gradual, not very steep, easier and, hence, faster. Upon arrival at Doodhpatri, you will drive back to Srinagar. (approx. a 2-hour drive)

Hiking details:
Hiking distance: 4 km
Hiking time: approx. 2 hours.
Elevation: - 450m (Gradual descent from Dandair Meadows 3250m to Doodhpathri 2800m)

Accommodation: Houseboat or Boutique hotel in Srinagar

After breakfast, you will drive to Srinagar airport to catch your domestic flight back to Delhi and, from there, you will continue with your flight back home.