Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

30th December 2019
  • Arrival at Amman / Transfer to Wadi Rum (L, D)
    Important note: Arrival in Amman to be at 11am latest or you can arrive one day before and we can arrange pickup from your hotel in Amman. Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by a Rahhalah representative and, once the group is assembled, you will head to Wadi Rum, where you are expected to arrive by 3 pm, stopping first by the visitors’ center to get your tickets (valid passports & ID’s required). Then, you will continue with the Jeeps up to the Wadi Rum campsite for a night of relaxation under the stars, enjoying a delicious, traditional dinner. Driving distance Amman to Wadi Rum: approx. 3-4 hours. Overnight: Camping - Durable 4 seasons tents (twin-share). No electricity, running water, or modern bathroom facilities. A toilet tent and hand washing station are provided.

Day 02

31st December 2019
  • Wadi Rum: the Arab Merchant Route (B, L, D)
    After breakfast, accompanied by your Bedouin guides and the convoy of camels, you will embark on the exploration of the old merchant path that was used by the Bedouins for over a thousand years. The morning hike (around 3 hours) will allow you to explore the ecosystem of the gorge and learn about its flora and fauna, while also getting more information about the history of the Arab merchants, the reasons they chose this trail, and how they survived under the challenging weather conditions. At lunchtime, you will set up a temporary campsite, light a fire and cook your first authentic Bedouin meal. After lunch, you will continue hiking on the path of the merchants and, three (3) hours later, you will reach the siq of Burra, where you will find water springs. This location was a preferred camping site for all Arab caravans traveling on this route, thanks to the abundant availability of water. You will camp overnight in front of the Romeia Dam (sad al roumeia), whose name echoes of the times there was still water there, even though, today, it has disappeared. For tonight’s dinner, be prepared for a new-year treat & a small celebration, where the Bedouins will be keen to demonstrate their war dances and songs, so expect a local “party” to unfold. As the night falls and the shadows begin to conceal the barren landscape, the sky comes alive. The stars seem brighter and closer than ever. While you stargaze, warmed up around the fire, your Bedouin leader will share stories of his tribe and the tales with which they educate the younger generations, keeping their oral traditions and history alive. As his voice fades away, you will retreat to your sleeping bags under the stars. Overnight: Camping - Durable 4 seasons tents (twin-share). No electricity, running water, or modern bathroom facilities. A toilet tent and hand washing station are provided. Hiking duration: approx. 6hrs, mostly on flat terrain, sandy desert, off-trail.

Day 03

1st January 2020
  • The Burdah Rock Arch (B, L, D)
    A great new year early rise today and a beautiful sunrise –you will definitely miss them when back to civilization! You will participate in baking your bread and enjoying a traditional Bedouin breakfast around the fire. Later you will head towards the Alburda mountain (or Jabal Burdah, as the locals call it). This trail is one the most rewarding hikes in the whole Wadi Rum, so you will not regret the effort. The trekking lasts around 4 hours (2 hours uphill and 2 hours downhill). Jabal Burdah is home to several species of plants that the Bedouins use for medicinal purposes. Your guides will point them out, sharing their names, and the way to use them efficiently. Standing on the Burdah rock bridge, you will enjoy an absolutely stunning view of the yellow and red desert and its mystical landscape. This is the moment you may just fall in love with the land! IMPORTANT: The hike is moderately difficult, and anyone in good physical fitness can follow. However, it has some technical sections requiring rock scrambling (use of hands and feet to ascend and/or descend), some of which are steep and exposed. If you have a fear of heights, experience vertigo, or do not like the idea of walking along the edge of cliffs, it is recommended you skip this section of the trip. After lunch, you will walk towards the Kharobah Campsite passing by UM Maqur mountain. Overnight: Camping - Durable 4 seasons tents (twin-share). No electricity, running water, or modern bathroom facilities. A toilet tent and hand washing station are provided. Hiking duration: 3-4 hours in the morning; 2-3 hours in the afternoon.

Day 04

2nd January 2020
  • Um Al Dami: The highest peak in Jordan (1,854 m) (B, L, D)
    Once again, you will start the day early, driving to Um Al Dami, the starting point of today’s adventure. At 7 am, you will begin your hike to the summit of Jordan’s highest peak: Um Al Dami, at an elevation of 1,854 m. The walk is of moderate difficulty; the path starts from the foot of the mountain, and it takes 2-3 hours to reach the top. At the summit, you will enjoy panoramic views of the vast rocky Jordanian mountains up to northern Saudi Arabia. You will even spot a border crossing far below. Note: This hike contains a few sections where you may need to use your hands for balance to ascend and/or descend. At noon, you will be transferred by jeeps to lunch with a traditional Bedouin family in Wadi Rum (approx. 1:15 hr driving). Finally, you will arrive at the Wadi Rum tourist camp for check-in and a night of relaxation after a delicious dinner under the stars. Overnight: Mazayen campsite or similar with all modern facilities- Bed, electricity, modern bathrooms, running water. Hiking duration: approx. 4-5 hours, elevation gain of 1854 meters

Day 05

3rd January 2020
  • Wadi Rum - Amman (B)
    After breakfast, you will check out from the camp, and you will drive back to Amman International Airport for your departure flight back home. Note: Departure flight must be after 3 pm. Driving distance Wadi Rum to Amman: approx. 3-4 hrs