Itinerary Details

All miracles of revelations happened on mountains. Mountains anchor our earth and rise high up in the sky in a defiant mystical dominance that inspires us to be the same.

Obviously, we have to have a mountain on this journey towards the true self. It is about taking our first step towards ascension. Up there is where true magic happens. It is not just a climb, it is a curated journey that will shatter all of the limiting beliefs we carry as a heavy burden. We will feel lighter eventually and become full of light.

Join me to a place I call home, where we will marvel under the most beautiful night skies, sunrises and sunsets and fill up our energy from the purest source. You will realize that the beauty you see is only a reflection of the beauty you have within. The mountain may break you before it makes you, but have faith that this will make you into a unified whole.