Itinerary Details

Upon your arrival at the airport of Skopje, you will be welcomed by a Rahhalah representative, and you will be transferred to the hotel.

Depending on your arrival details, you may spend the afternoon exploring the old town, including the Fortress, the Old Bazaar, and several other landmarks, ending the day with a delicious welcome dinner.

Accommodation: Hotel London (or similar), Skopje.

After breakfast, you will check-out and head to Galicnik (around a 30-minute drive), where you will enjoy a horse-riding tour (western style) around the village (3-4 hours; adequate for beginners and intermediate riders). Picnic lunch is arranged on-site (local white cheese – “belo sirenje" – and other traditional delicacies). Galicnik is one of the two biggest and oldest Mijak villages in the region, with a beautifully preserved traditional architecture, surrounded by a vast nature reserve.

In the afternoon, you will move to Rostushe, a village in the southern part of the park, to visit the impressive Duf waterfall (an easy, 40-min. walk back and forth).

Accommodation: Hotel Radika Resort (or similar), Mavrovo National Park.

In the morning, after breakfast, you will check-out and head, once more, to Galicnik: the starting point of your cycling adventure. The activity is easy as you cycle amidst scenic landscapes that will make your heart melt, and will finish in the Leunovo village, next to the beautiful Mavrovo Lake. There, you will have lunch in a local family house before moving on to Ohrid: a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Accommodation: Vila Mal Sveti Kliment (or similar), Ohrid.

There is no better way to explore the enchanting beauty of Ohrid Lake than to kayak along its shoreline: the fairy-tale landscapes will leave you breathless. You will spend the morning exploring the east coast of the lake, starting from Peshtani and finishing at Trpejca (around 2 hrs; 7 km; with boat support). At Trpejca, you will relax for a while to enjoy the surrounding landscape, before returning by private pontoon to Ohrid in the afternoon. There, you can spend the afternoon at leisure, or go on a walking tour around the old city, including King Samuel’s Fortress, the Amphitheater, and other, famous archaeological sites.

Accommodation: Vila Mal Sveti Kliment (or similar), Ohrid.

After breakfast, you will check-out and drive (for around 1.5 hours) to Makedonski Brod: an area full of adventurous activities and natural wonders.
There are more than 400 caves in North Macedonia, out of which 346 have been officially registered. Many of them have underground rivers, waterfalls, and small lakes, while most abound with stalactites, stalagmites, pillars, drapers, and corals. The caves are also home to a variety of interesting fauna, such as crabs, spiders, bats, and various insects, accustomed to living in the dark and food shortage. Fossil remains of the extinct Pleistocene fauna, such as cave bears and sword tigers, are also found in many of these caves.

Your adventure in Makedonski Brod (Slatina area) begins with the Gorna Slatinska Cave (horizontal caving, 400m), followed by a visit to the Peshna Cave. After a safety briefing, you will suit up with gear and helmets with lights and will embark on the exploration of the caves. The visit at Gorna Slatinska will last for about 1.5-2 hours, and afterwards, a delicious lunch prepared by a friendly family will be served at a nearby location.

Later, you will move to the Peshna Cave (around 15 minutes driving distance). Located 6 km away from Makedonski Brod, Peshna is a hidden gem, known only by few and not fully exploited by tourists, even though it has been recognized as a natural monument. According to the speleologists, Peshna has the biggest cave entrance in the Balkans – the flooring of the opening is 30 m high.

Later in the afternoon, you will head to Skopje (a drive of approximately 2.5 hours).

Accommodation: Hotel London (or similar), Skopje.

After breakfast, and depending on your departure details, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back home.