Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

18th January 2020
  • Arrival at Koror

    Upon your arrival at Koror, you will be welcomed at the airport by a Rahhalah representative, and you will be transferred to your hotel.
    Enjoy the rest of the day, relaxing or exploring the former capital city of Palau at your own pace.

    Overnight stay in Koror.
    Accommodation: Landmark Marina hotel or similar.

Day 02

19th January 2020
  • Babeldaob Land Tour (B, L)

    After an early breakfast, you will head to Babeldaob: a large, volcanic island above Koror.

    Palau has recently become synonymous with sea activities, especially snorkeling and scuba diving; however, its land hides many exciting secrets, and you will be among the few who will discover them.

    Babeldaob is the only volcanic island of Palau, all the rest being limestone formations. It is also the second largest island in Micronesia, after Guam. It hosts 30% of the overall Palau population, and is covered by tropical jungle, hills, and rivers. Its trails will reveal to you the magic of the wilderness (spectacular tropical flowers, endemic birds, and salt-water crocodiles), while also recounting tales of the island’s history and culture.

    Your tour will start with a visit to the Capitol (approx. 1 hour). The National Capitol is a monumental building, constructed in 2006, as a replica of the American Capitol. Visitors are often surprised by the imposing dome structure and the scale of the complex on such a remote, almost forgotten island. 

    Your next stop will be one of Babeldaob's primary attractions: the Ngardmau Waterfall, the tallest waterfall in Micronesia, flowing from Palau's tallest peak, Mt Ngerchelchuus (217m). It can be accessed on foot – a tough but rewarding 20- to 30-minute hike along a jungle path – or, for the less energetic, by a clunky monorail.

    Lunch and relaxation at CoCo Beach.

    In the afternoon, you will head to the Stone Monoliths, an ancient site with carved faces on huge rocks, created in 100 AD. Their origin and purpose are unknown, but according to one legend, the gods put them there to support a bai (men's meeting house) that held thousands of people. The largest stone weighs 5 tons.

    You will end this day-long exploration of the inland by a visit to a local bai (Local Men House). It is a traditional meeting house where you will have the opportunity to interact with the locals, getting a deeper understanding of their lifestyle and culture.

    Overnight stay in Koror.
    Accommodation: Landmark Marina hotel or similar.

Day 03

20th January 2020
  • Kayaking tour (B, L)

    After an early breakfast, you are ready to begin your kayaking tour, embarking on a journey towards the hidden gems of the Rock Islands. Pristine coral gardens, reef fish nurseries, hidden lagoons, marine caves, limestone tunnels, forgotten WWII sites, ancient Palauan villages and breathtaking tropical beaches await for you to discover them.

    This tour is a relaxing and, yet, educational experience, a balanced mix of paddling, snorkeling, birding, and exploring of Palau's diverse biological environment.
    You will first head to Nikko Bay. This well-sheltered bay holds unspoiled coral gardens with world-class snorkeling sites, hidden marine caves full of geological wonders, forgotten WWII bunkers and artifacts, lush vegetation and bird wildlife. Snorkeling in the area will offer you the opportunity to see the ancient, lettuce and brain corals, the pajama cardinalfish, and eight kinds of banded butterflyfish. You will also learn the geology of the rock Islands by visiting three caves and a Lunar tunnel that exists into a marine lake, accessible only at low tide. You can snorkel or do the kayak limbo in the tunnel towards the hidden lake (known as the “magical kingdom of Nikko Bay”).
    Finally, you will visit the Tarzan Cave close to Nikko Bay and snorkel in the Mandarin Lake where you will possibly spot some Mandarin fish.

    Overnight stay in Koror.
    Accommodation: Landmark Marina hotel or similar.

Day 04

21st January 2020
  • Jellyfish Snorkeling Tour / Shark City / Clam City (B, L)

    Once again, you will depart after an early breakfast, this time for a day full of snorkeling.

    Today you will enjoy the Jellyfish Lake Snorkeling Tour, cruising through fascinating, picture-perfect, geological formations. Put on your mask and snorkel to your heart’s delight, enjoying the abundant underwater life full of colorful corals, small reef fish, napoleon wrasse, sharks and more. Prepare to visit a natural island spa in the Milky Way, where sulfur sand fizzes through the rock, offering you a perfect, natural skin scrub that even the most luxurious beauty salon cannot deliver. Above all, get ready to swim in the world-renowned Jellyfish Lake, home to over a million stingless Golden Jellyfish that live in a closed ecosystem.

    Lunch will be served at one of the white sand beaches, and there, your local guides will share amazing details about the diversity of the island’s flora, fauna, and birds.

    Later, you will head to Shark City and Clam City. Located on the western reef of Palau, Shark City is finger-shaped and consists of slopes, sharply vertical walls, and canyons. It is a diving/snorkeling site, and the first shark sanctuary in the world, where you can learn a lot of information for this magnificent and, yet, often misunderstood, beast.
    Depth: about 16m; visibility 20m, depending on the tide.  

    Finally, Clam City is a famous spot in Palau, offering you the opportunity to see some of the biggest clamshells around the world. The maximum depth is about 11-12m. The average visibility is about 28-30m.
Clam city is a snorkeling site. You may also choose to do freediving there, but a free diving license is required. 


    • The snorkeling tour is suitable for all ages; please note, though, that the Jelly Fish Lake is accessible after a 10-minute hike from the dock.
    • Snorkeling gear is included.
    • Divers need to bring an Open Water diving license.

    Overnight stay in Koror.
    Accommodation: Landmark Marina hotel or similar.

Day 05

22nd January 2020
  • Beach Day - Spear Fishing (B, L)

    After a series of early morning wake-up calls, this day will be more relaxing. Enjoy a lazy morning, as you will be picked up at 1 pm to spend the rest of the day on the beach, engaging in any sea-relating activities you may fancy, including spearfishing.

    In the evening, you will enjoy watching the stars weaving a magical blanket on the sky, while, around a bonfire, you will share stories of bygone eras.

    Overnight stay in Koror.
    Accommodation: Landmark Marina hotel or similar.

Day 06

23rd January 2020
  • Day at Leisure (B)

    Enjoy this day at your own pace, relaxing in the city, visiting one of the beaches, exploring new places or trying new activities.

    Overnight stay in Koror.
    Accommodation: Landmark Marina hotel or similar.

Day 07

24th January 2020
  • Departure Koror (B)

    After breakfast, and depending on your departure details, you will be transferred to the Koror airport for your flight back home.