Detailed Itinerary

Day 01

1st Nov 2019
  • Arrival in Tunis/ Sidi Bou Said / Bizerte (D)
    Upon your arrival at Tunis Carthage airport, you will be welcomed by a Rahhalah representative and transferred to Sidi Bou Said to explore the beloved city of artists and stroll through its alleys painted in Blue and White. Then, you will head to Bizerte (60km away), where you will visit the Old Port and the Medina. Dinner and overnight at Bizerte Guest house Cap Blanc or similar.

Day 02

2nd Nov 2019
  • Ichkeul National Park (B, L, D)
    After breakfast, you will be transferred to Ichkeul National Park (30 km), which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and boasts of being one of the most important ornithological reserves in North Africa. There, you will attend a presentation by the Park’s Curator, you will visit a local family "Mabrouka"to learn the details of the local daily life, and you will embark on a mini-hike from the Eco museum to explore the landscapes of the park. (Duration: approx. 3 hrs). You will return to the host family for a delicious local lunch, and after relaxing with a cup of tea, you will head back to the Bizerte Guest House Cap Blanc for a cooking workshop. (approx. 2 hours) Dinner and overnight at the Guest House Cap Blanc or similar.

Day 03

3rd Nov 2019
  • Boulehia Park /Dougga (B, L, D)
    After breakfast, you will head to the Boulehia Park (approx. a 1.5-hour drive) for a kayaking adventure (approx. 2 hrs) and lunch surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape. In the afternoon, you will head towards Dougga, the most prestigious archaeological site of Tunisia, also classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site, and considered as the best preserved small Roman town in North Africa. Before the Roman annexation of Numidia, the town of Dougga, built on an elevated location that overlooked a fertile plain, was the capital of an important Libyco-Punic state. It flourished under the Roman and Byzantine rule but declined during the Islamic period. The impressive ruins that are visible today give some idea of the resources of a small Roman town on the fringes of the empire. Late in the afternoon, you will head to the first charming cottage in Tunisia "Dar Zaghouane" for a musical evening with a local band from the region. Dinner and Overnight in Dar Zaghouane.

Day 04

4th Nov 2019
  • Zaghouane -the Andalusian city (B, L, D)
    After breakfast, you will travel to Jbel Zaghouane (approx. a 30-min drive) to participate in a caving session (approx. 4 hours). Later, you will explore the Berber city of Zriba (approx. 18 km, a 2-hours visit) where you will also have lunch. In the afternoon, you will indulge yourself in a traditional Hammam in Dar Zaghouane, and afterwards you will head to the local workshop of Kaak Warka (approx. 30 min) where yummy, circular marzipans are prepared with rose water and white dough, following a tradition and recipe that has been passing on from mothers to daughters for several generations. Dinner and overnight in Dar Zaghouane.

Day 05

5th Nov 2019
  • Departure from Tunis (B)
    After breakfast, you will be transferred to Tunis Carthage Airport for your departure flights (approx. a 1-hour drive).