Itinerary Details

Arrive by 16:00 and if people do not have a 4x4, we will shuttle them from location to the campsite.

Do you have a 4 wheel? NO

16:15 we go through the ground rules and living in harmony with Gaia.

16:30 Ice breaking

17:00 we set-off on the short trek up the sand dune.

Enjoy the sunset and then make our way back down

Give people some reflection time (people can also eat during this period some nuts or snacks they bring themselves in case they are not able to fast)

18:30 light dinner

19:00 Start the fire circle and begin with Ice-breaker of superpower

Awareness (Exercises such as body scan and balancing the pen) + WOL

Gratitude - Share three things each

Forgiveness - talk first then write the letter of forgiveness

What will you break free from in 2021 - accountability (through FB group)

22:00 time for bed

06:30 Wake up and perform a morning ritual

08:00 Have a tea ceremony to respect the body and start the digestive fire after it has been resting for so long

08:15 Breakfast with porridge (raisin and cinnamon).

09:00 Thank gaia for her protection and blessings

09:30 Depart