Windows and Doorways with a View

Published on Wednesday 17th, Jul 2019

I always felt there is a deeper meaning inherent in the summer season, one that goes beyond the mere anticipation of a well-earned vacation. The drowsiness of the long hours of heat, the lethargy that cloaks thoughts and actions alike, and the tendency to defer most decisions until September are not expressions of laze or procrastination. Instead, they are conditions dictated by Nature herself, and it is thanks to them that we can afford the time and energy to peep inwards and outwards. Ultimately, summer offers us a chance to sneak peek through open windows and doors left conveniently ajar. Regardless of whether this process is literal or symbolic, we are called to experiment with new points of view and reconfirm or adjust our positioning, getting ready to spring forward soon once again.

Within this context, I share here a themed collection of photos that focus on views framed by windows and doors. Besides the memories attached to each instantané, these travel relics – going under the broad title: “Perspectives” – act as a reminder of the numerous angles of life, the exploration of which defines our evolution. May they inspire you as much as they have influenced me.

architecture, design, arabesque
View on the inner, covered patio of a renovated riad in Fez (Morocco)
architecture, arches, perspectives
View on the fertile valley of Sparta through the doorways of the Byzantine city of Mystras (Greece)
adventure, road trip
Sunset in the desert through my tent on a camping road trip (Oman)
perspectives, architecture
Still life and memories in a house in the Anafiotika neighbourhood (Athens, Greece)
Medieval architecture, crusades, crusaders, perspectives
View on Krak des Chevalier through one of its arches (Syria)
Menalon, perspectives
View on Dimitsana village and the surrounding mountains of Peloponnese (Greece)
perspective, sandstone rocks, camels
View on the desert through Jebel Makhroom (Sinai Trail, Egypt)
perspectives, architecture
View on the vineyards of Nemea through the windows of the Domaine Vassiliou winery (Peloponnese, Greece)
Military architecture, perspectives
View on the Great Wall of China through one of its towers (China)
architecture, history, perspectives
View on Mycenae through the entrance of Agamemnon’s tomb (Peloponnese, Greece)
perspectives, lamps, tradition
View on Shindagha neighbourhood through the windows of a traditional house that serves as the Dubai Museum of Architecture (UAE)
medieval, architecture, perspectives
View on the valley through the arches of the town of Kastro (Sifnos, Greece)
Watching the sunrise through the modest window of our room in the school of Makadum (Nepal)
View on the Lousios valley through a tiny window (or embrasure) in the ruins of the Agios Philosophos Monastery (Peloponnese, Greece)
ottoman architecture, perspectives
View on the lighthouse and the corniche of Beirut through the ruined windows of the Pink House (Manara Neighbourhood, Lebanon)
Athens, Dorides telescope, perspectives
View on the evening sky and the moon through the crack on the dome of the Observatory (Hill of the Nymphs, Greece)
Tuscany, medieval, perspectives
View on the Tuscan landscape through one of the gates of Monteriggioni (Italy)
Acropolis, Peripatos, perspectives
View on the Ancient Agora and the Hephaistos Temple in Athens through the Shrine of Panas cave (Greece)
Perspectives, traditional omani architecture
View on the oasis through a window in the mud-houses of Adam town (Oman)
Byzantine, perspectives
View on the Monastery of Kaisariani through the refectory door (Athens, Greece)
traditional architecture, perspectives
View into the serenity of the Urban Garden in the Sharjah Art Foundation district (UAE)
architecture, perspectives
View into the underground “Damigos” tavern, one of the oldest taverns in Plaka (Athens, Greece)
View on the Mediterranean Sea and Tripoli Town through the ruins of the Lady of Nourieh Monastery (Lebanon)
byzantine, medieval, architecture, perspectives
View on the island of Aegina and the Saronic Gulf through the entrance of the Agios Georgios of the Castle church (Palaiochora, Greece)


Photo credits: © Konstantina Sakellariou.

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