Women of Rahhalah - Happy Women's Day

Published on Wednesday 8th, Mar 2017

On the occasion of International Women's Day we would like to celebrate and extend our gratitude and appreciation to all the women with whom we have shared beautiful moments and journeys together. Since this post is too small to portrait each one of you individually, Rahhalah's female team is thanking you for your support and continuous trust!

Meet the women behind Rahhalah:

Suzanne Al Houby - Founder & CEO

Some women are born warriors, exploring the untrodden path, and paving the way for the generations to come. Suzanne, the first Arab woman to summit Mt. Everest and all Seven Summits, broke through the barriers of a corporate life and re-invented herself again and again on mountain peaks, rainforests, lakes, and rivers, demonstrating exemplary resilience, passion, persistence, and gentility. Blending her Palestinian inheritance with her Gulf experience and international exposure, Suzanne already acts as a role model for the younger generations, especially in the Middle East. Her constant desire to offer back to the community is evident in the culture of Rahhalah and the social projects Suzanne has led, initiated, or supported in any way throughout the years. Today, she stands as an inspiration for all on what a woman with a dream can achieve and the change she can bring in the world.

Konstantina Sakellariou - Chief Initiator Transformational Journeys

Determined to live a life of consciousness and creativity, 3 years ago, Konstantina decides to leave behind her over 20 years career in the corporate field and start a new chapter in life: This of the self-exploration that inspired her to write her first book "The Unusual Journeys of a Girl Like Any Other". Besides her authoring aspirations, Konstantina is also Rahhalah's Chief Initiator of the Transformational Journeys which she personally curates. Always smiley and inspiring, Konstantina is magically spreading her wisdom and light through her pen.


Stani Aziz - Operations Manager

Little could ever be achieved without the quiet, gentle, and effective presence of Stani who, remaining in the background, organizes and coordinates all communications and logistics. Calm, efficient, and smiling, she represents the very essence of a woman’s spirit and, even though she prefers to stay away from the spotlights, she generously spreads sunshine in our hearts.

Caterina Ciacatani - Social Media Marketing Manager

The youngest member of our team and Rahhalah's Digital story teller, Caterina, is a serial traveler who aims to explore every corner of the world. Coming from a small village in the heart of a mountain of a greek island, nature is in her blood. Determined to live an authentic life as less exposed on Social Media as possible, her biggest challenge is to create less Insta-stories and more real ones!

"To all the movers, the makers, the hustlers, the shakers. To those who shout loud, who stand strong and when needed those who quietly move on. To those who build empires, move mountains, push boundaries, raise babies, make memories and refuse to take no for an answer. You are ladies paving the way for a new generation who are ready to play. Stand tall and stand proud for all that you are. Not what media says you should be or could be. But the you that is here, standing now and amazing."

Happy International Women's Day!



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